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The Walt Disney Company is well known for the magic that characterizes its stories. Thanks to how popular their stories become, the company can cover other markets, with characters, more stories and so on. However, not everything it touches literally turns to gold, since in one way or another there are many titles that could not become everyone’s favorites and therefore went much more unnoticed than might have been expected.

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His stories are usually very loved and his animation studio has always managed to reach all audiences. In the Disney scene there is the possibility of finding a movie that can reach all tastes, and over time its catalog does nothing but expand even several times in the same year. Sometimes his movies become blockbusters that are everywhere without letting people rest, but the opposite has also happened in relation to some of his productions.

On the other side of the coin are the films that were seen by a much smaller number of people, that could not stand out due to their collection figures and that rather became a forgotten product. In each era, surely there was no shortage of people who realized that there was something very good in them, but in many cases it is only now that Disney fans, or the curious, stop to watch those movies that are somewhat lost from the past. rest.

names like Atlantis: The Lost Empire – 43% Y The Emperor’s Follies – 85% they were far from being machines that sold movie tickets or even merchandise. However, their stories are better than what was said at the time, and they are in a corner, ready to be discovered by those who decide to look at other stories that are not the most famous of the company. The pleasant surprise they get is to find undervalued and underrated titles that don’t deserve to be in that place.

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Although it is inevitable that among so many films, one must occupy this place, it cannot be denied that they deserve the same attention. These films have a great reward for the daredevil, since they are much more daring and original proposals than the popular Disney releases. Some of them ahead of their time, some of them a bit out of date mainly technology wise, but all great stories that for some reason were underrated.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire – 43%

Many years before Disney became the owner of well-known franchises the size of the MCU or Star Wars, it was at a crossroads where technology was changing and other studios were emerging with much more innovative animated proposals. Since he could only produce something original, and since some of his films from the late 1990s and early 2000s were having trouble turning a profit, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, a movie with zero expectations. This movie didn’t do any different financially, but it was always a source of great entertainment for adventure fans, and in recent years it has gained a bit more recognition.

Bernardo and Bianca in Kangarooland – 68%

A late sequel that according to those who rescue it is superior to the original, Bernardo and Bianca in Kangarooland he takes the duo to Australia to help a boy named Cody escape from a hunter, who is also hell-bent on catching a rare golden eagle he’s befriended. With the help of some locals, Bianca and Bernardo must risk everything to protect Cody and his friend. This production was also revolutionary for its time as it marked the milestone of being the first Disney animated film to use the computer animation production system throughout its history.

Dinosaur – 65%

There are many dinosaur movies, but this one shows the most emotional and reflective side. dinosaursAlthough it looks somewhat outdated in this era, it is a spectacular adventure with the Disney seal, which takes as its protagonist a creature that tries to find its place in the world while trying to meet other traveling dinosaurs, facing the dangers of the world outside and flee the inevitable meteor showers.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame – 73%

Perhaps the best-known title on this list, but no less undervalued for that. The 1996 musical premiered in the same decade as other of Disney’s biggest hits, but no one remembers it quite the same. In fact, compared to other stories from the same study, it is rarely mentioned, and yet those who know it very well often praise it as one of the best. It’s not a perfect movie, but Disney’s version of the Victor Hugo classic makes a significant contribution that most people missed.

The treasure Planet – 69%

Sometimes it’s the experiments of Disney’s animation department that turn out to be great stories despite failing at the box office. It is a reinterpretation of the adventure novel The island of the treasure, with a more dynamic aspect than your average pirate and sword story, as well as a much more sci-fi side. The film never got the reception it deserved, which is why it remains an underrated gem.

The Emperor’s Follies – 85%

Contrary to dinosaursAlready looking a bit shabby due to the technology, this tape only gets better with time and is one of the most underrated on the list. Here, an emperor is turned into a llama after being cursed by his vengeful advisor. He, a narcissistic ruler, is all alone and life turns upside down when he must team up with a villager he has always despised in order to try to get back on track.

Cops and Mice – 81%

Based on the book Basil of Baker Street, about a London private detective mouse, it follows the character who acts as the mouse world’s equivalent of Sherlock Holmes as he tries to solve a mystery involving a toy manufacturer. It has charming characters and highly entertaining sequences that make it a heartwarming movie and an exciting adventure at the same time. It has all the mystery of a Sherlock Holmes story with twists that capture the viewer’s interest.

Bear’s land – 38%

The story itself is tragic and very different from other Disney productions. It tells the story of Kenai, a young man who is turned into a bear after making a tragic mistake. In his adventure he joins Koda, a bear cub with whom he must learn to get along, or at least try. The story, in fact, invites you to learn about the culture of the Alaskan tribes, as well as a reflection on family ties. It is one of the best examples of movies that should be more well known.

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Disney animated movies that deserve a second chance | tomatoes

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