Disney’s ‘Strange World’, the new animated film this Christmas, is now in theaters!

Today, November 25, join the Clade family on a space excursion full of dangers and strange creatures. The perfect plan for this Christmas.

Christmas is just around the corner. And, with it, the traditions that always come back: Christmas carols, downtown lights, gifts, sweets and, of course, the new Disney movie! We know that you were already thinking about what the house most loved by the whole family in cinematographic matters was going to bring us. And it is that a cinema at Christmas without a Disney movie, what Christmas is it? His latest proposal is entitled Strange worldopens today November 25, and is the perfect plan for the whole family during these holidays.

Three generations of the same family on a space excursion

Strange world, the 61st animated feature film produced by the studio, is Disney’s bet for this Christmas. And what a title! It is a movie along the lines of the most incredible adventures of the company for the whole family. And it turns out that we do not say that it is for the whole family for taste. Because its protagonists belong to three generations of the same family, the Clades, who embark on an epic space journey that crosses the borders of our world.

An experience that, in order to be enjoyed one hundred percent, must be seen in theaters. Or doesn’t a new world to explore deserve a giant screen, thunderous sound and the laughter and shouts of all your seatmates? There are movies that are born to be seen in the cinema Y Strange world is undoubtedly one of them.

One more time, Disney has exceeded the limits of his imagination. We already know that they are true experts in creating universes that only exist in the feverish mind of their artists. But it is that here they have set the bar very high: they have created from nothing an incredible and vast underground world in which a great multitude of fantastic creatures, unexpected dangers, areas to explore and lots of fun. oh! And a thousand and one surprises!


From the studios of ‘Enchantment’ and ‘Frozen’

Strange world tells the story of a family, yes, but of one whose members are all explorers. They respond to the last name Clade and, together with their friendly three-legged dog, they set out to explore an inhospitable and dangerous terrain. But perhaps what stands in their way the most is not the lurking terrible creatures, but rather the personalities of each of its members. Because the Clade seek their place in the world. At first glance, your differences may seem irreconcilable. But, as in the saying “Like father, like son”, they have more in common than they think.

Don Hall (Raya and the last dragon, Big Hero 6), co-director of the film with newcomer Qui Nguyen, has assured that the idea for Strange World came to him precisely when he began to reflect on the future of planet Earth and how we were going to leave it to our children. “It all started because I started thinking about my children and the world they were going to inherit”He says. “How is it different from the world I inherited from my father?”.

If you see it in the original versionyou can hear the voices of Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, Gabrielle Union, Lucy Liu, Alan Tudyk and Jaboukie Young-White, among others.

In addition, this new premiere includes the song, ‘Una Señal’, composed and performed by singer-songwriter Leroy Sanchez. You can already see the video clip that has been made to accompany the film. The perfect aperitif before watching the latest Disney animated film.

Definitely, Strange world from disney is the family adventure this Christmas that you cannot miss on the big screen. Strange worldalready in theaters.

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Disney’s ‘Strange World’, the new animated film this Christmas, is now in theaters!

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