Dragon Ball: this cult manga by Akira Toriyama will finally be entitled to its animated adaptation

Last month, we revealed to you that the entire saga dragonball of the famous Akira Toriyama was soon to arrive this platform, allowing fans to watch these Japanese animation classics directly via streaming. And more recently, fans have also been able to discover that another cult work from manga artist Japanese was also going to be entitled to its adaptation in animeand this through a first trailer.

a toriyama classic soon to be adapted

Thanks to the incredible success of dragonball, Akira Toriyama has become one of the most popular mangakas in history, all over the world. For many, he is among the Japanese authors who helped popularize manga in the West, especially thanks to the anime adaptations of the franchise, now considered a classic of the genre for many fans.

But before you start dragonball in the mid-1980s, Toriyama had started his career with Dr. Slumppublished between 1980 and 1984 in the Weekly Shōnen Jump. And after the saga dragonballthe mangaka will publish several other works, like Kajikabefore embarking on Sandland. And precisely, the fans were able to recently discover that the latter was finally going to be entitled to his animated adaptation! On Bandai Namco’s YouTube channel, you can find a first trailer for the next anime. Sandland :

Released in 2000, the story of Sandland also takes place in The World, thus designating the name given to planet Earth in Toriyama’s universe. The manga therefore takes place in the same universe as that of Dr. Slump, dragonball or Neko Majin.

Here is the official description of Sandland which can be found at Glénat:

A world, an indefinite time…
As a result of numerous wars between humans, the Earth has turned into a gigantic desert and water has become the rarest commodity.
Belzébubu (or Beelzebub), the “prince of monsters”, plunders the water convoys to supply his congeners, until the day when he hears of a legendary oasis which would be somewhere in the heart of the desert.
Alongside a human, he then embarks on an adventure rich in twists and turns of all kinds…
A superb one-shot directed by the author of Dragon Ball


The project Sandland is planned for 2023and its production will see the collaboration of three studios for the animation, with Sunrise (cowboy bebop), Kamikaze Duga (ninja batman) and Anima. But for the moment, we do not yet know if it will be a film or a series, since it is simply mentioned as a “visual adaptation”. Otherwise, it seems that the project does not stop therebecause according to Bandai Namco, it would introduce “the world, characters and vehicles of Sand Land through various collaborations and mediums”.

But given the first glimpses offered by this trailer, it would seem that the project Sandland again resort to the use of CGI for its animationlike the latest animated film from Toriyama’s cult license, namely Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

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Dragon Ball: this cult manga by Akira Toriyama will finally be entitled to its animated adaptation

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