Election day! Remember cartoon politicians and rulers

Both series and animated films, even though they are aimed at children, usually show different political figures, mainly mayors and presidents.

They are usually portrayed in the same way as real life, mostly corrupt and greedy, but there are those who only want the good of the population, as well as the good-hearted candidates who arrive to remove the bad rulers from power🇧🇷

Below is a list of some of the politicians from the cartoon:

The Mayor of Townsville

Mayor of Townsville (Playback / Cartoon Network)

One of the important figures of The Powerpuff Girls is the mayor. He is someone who is clumsy and loves pickles. Not very smart, to help take care of Townsville, the Mayor has the help of his secretary Miss. Beautiful. When a monster or villain appears, he uses his special phone to call Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup.

mayor shelbourne

Mayor Shelbourne in It's Raining Burgers (Playback)

In It’s Raining Burger, Mayor Shelbourne is someone extremely concerned about making Boca da Maré popular again. However, despite looking like someone with good intentions, he is more of a villain.

When he finds out what Flint Lockwood’s machine can do, Shelbourne starts to manipulate the scientist to get more food and attract more tourists to Boca da Maré, which ends up causing a worldwide disaster.

Bill Dewey

Bill Dewey on Steven Universe (Play / Cartoon Network)

Bill Dewey was the mayor of Beach City in steven universe, until losing an election to Nanefua Pizza. After leaving politics, he started working at Big Donut. Bill does everything to keep his image clean, especially when trying to control the attitudes of his son, Buck, with whom he doesn’t have a very good relationship.

Joe Quimby on The Simpsons (Play)

Lisa Simpson

Adult Lisa Simpson on The Simpsons (Playback)

At age 38, Elizabeth “smooth” Marie Simpson managed to become President of the United States in an unconfirmed future in The Simpsons🇧🇷 She is the first woman to hold the post in the US, but suffered in her government due to the country’s economic fragility. In addition to dealing with the job, Lisa had to overcome her issues with her brother Bart.

robert "bob" White on Doug (Playback / Nickelodeon)

Princess jujube

Princess Bubblegum in Adventure Time (Playback)

As in the real world there is still a monarchy, as is the case with the British Royal Family, and no better example of monarchy than Princess Bubblegum of Adventure Time🇧🇷 Bubblegum loves his people and goes to great lengths to protect them, despite often leaving them aside to experiment in his laboratory.

Do you remember any other cartoon politicians? Leave your answer in the comments.

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Election day! Remember cartoon politicians and rulers

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