Elodie Gossuin confides in her dubbing experience for Tad the Explorer: “The voice is the universe where I feel good”

A new experience for Élodie Gossuin from Picardy, who lends her voice to Victoria Moon, a character in the animated film “Tad the Explorer and the Emerald Table” which is being released in theaters today. She confided in the Courrier picard on this adventure.

I was pleasantly surprised because I had dreamed about it for a long time. In fact, I had already said it in the Picard mail and in other media. Apparently the message was heard (Laughs). When it was offered to me, I took it as a Christmas present in the middle of June. (Laughs). Even if I dreamed about it, I was fully aware that it’s a job totally apart. And I have a lot of admiration for those who do this work. I told myself that I was going to give everything but obviously I was under a lot of pressure. I am absolutely not an actress, so it was a new apprenticeship for me.

How did you work on this dubbing?

I was first offered a simple casting. I had the chance to experiment with several voices and several scenes. I took it as the opportunity to discover this world and train. It was already very formative for me. I entered the studio with the eyes of a child. I discovered the giant screen, the technicians, the fact of having to lock in on the rhythm, lay down your voice blankly without the response of the other characters… When I received the call telling me that I had been selected for Victoria Moon, I was overjoyed. Then we worked for several days. By redoing the scenes several times, by re-listening to try to improve, by trying new things… It was very intense but really constructive.

We don’t really recognize you, have you changed your voice?

I didn’t try to change my voice. But it’s very different from what I’ve always done. In animation, you have to do more, without ever being afraid of ridicule. I let go. I tried to do the thing thoroughly and inevitably, it’s not the tone that we are used to hearing when I apply myself to putting my voice on the radio or on TV.

You play Victoria Moon, a showy TV star who is both mysterious and crazy. Did you like this character?

I adored her but at the same time she scared me… I said to myself that she was the antithesis of who I was. And then finally, I recognized myself in her as I went along. I admire her, because she is more apt than me to assume what she says and what she feels… I loved her completely crazy, mystical, paranormal side… But she also has this need for recognition. Finally, she became a friend that I would like to have!

And your children, how did they react?

I admit that after the announcement of this dubbing to my children, I said to myself: “I am the queen of the world at home! (Laughs). Make an animated film and Tad the Explorer in addition, of which my first two children are absolute fans… They loved that I made such a perched character. They don’t really recognize me either because there’s this comedy side to it. Even if I’m not an actress, they feel that I “played” Victoria Moon. And it breaks them.

Since we are talking about family, we will necessarily talk about the Oise. Because with your husband and your four children you have chosen to live in the countryside far from the hustle and bustle of Paris…

I grew up in the Oise. There was this Miss France parenthesis, which still lasted 8 years, in the Paris region. But it’s true that when I met the man of my life, we never imagined for a second starting a family and having children in Paris. It was obvious to offer them this living environment, in the middle of the forest of Compiègne, to be able to go to the village school… This is where you feel good. I am very happy to see my children flourish in Picardy.

You are also in full professional transition. You leave morning shows on the radio for more TV entertainment. Why ?

On the one hand, it was magic to be on a staggered schedule, to leave in the morning alone on the road. But in terms of the pace of life, it’s difficult. After 7 years, I needed to change to take care of myself, to be there in the morning for my children… Because that has always been the most painful concession. It may also be an effect after Covid. I worked 70 hours a week for a long time and I have this luxury of being able to decide to slow down. When I left the RFM morning show, I took a risk, because I had no plans. But I am optimistic by nature and I was brought up with the value of hard work. I run into people who know – without any pretense on my part – that I am hard-working and loyal, and I am lucky that they trust me again.

Would you like to renew this dubbing experience and, why not, shoot in films as an actress?

The dubbing, I would love it! If there is a fourth part of tad, I’m signing right away ! I became aware of the immense talent of those who dub our films… I’m flattered to have done it and I enjoyed it so much that I would like to relive it. On the other hand, to appear on the screen, I do not think. It has already been offered to me. But it’s not my job, I prefer to stay in what touches the universe of the voice.

TAD the Explorer and the Emerald Table

TAD the Explorer and the Emerald Table

Tad Stones’ dream is to be recognized as a great archaeologist, but all his attempts to be accepted by Ryan, the brilliant expedition leader, turn into a fiasco. By opening a sarcophagus, he triggers a curse that will put the lives of his friends in danger. To save Mummy, Jeff and Bernardo, Tad and Sara embark on new adventures that will take them from Mexico to Chicago and from Paris to Egypt. This perilous journey will lead Tad to cross paths with Agent Ramirez and Victoria Moon (voiced by Élodie Gossuin), an expert in occult sciences. This third part of Tad the Explorer hits theaters this Wednesday.

Tad the Explorer and the Emerald Table, 1h30, animation, by Enrique Gato.

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Elodie Gossuin confides in her dubbing experience for Tad the Explorer: “The voice is the universe where I feel good”

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