Everything we know about House of the Dragon Season 2

The first season of “House of the Dragon” has come to an end. But this is not the end: the series was renewed immediately after the premiere of the pilot episode.

We collected all the information about the future conflicts of the Targaryen house in one material: when the shooting of the sequel is planned, how many seasons the authors want to release and what is known about other series in the Game of Thrones universe.

👑 When will the second season of “House of the Dragon” come out?

Filming will not start until early 2023. About it journalists from the Spanish newspaper Hoy wrote. According to them, the film crew of “House of the Dragon” will return to the city of Cáceres only in the spring of next year. It is there that the scenery of King’s Landing is located – the main location in the series. It is possible that before spring the creators of the series will begin filming episodes in other locations.

The second season should not be expected before 2024. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Filming for the first season took 10 months. Post-production took another nine months: editing, recording the soundtrack, sound mixing and creating special effects. If filming starts only next year, then the second season hardly will be released before 2024.

House of the Dragon now has only one showrunner. The filming of the first season was supervised by two people – director Miguel Sapochnik and screenwriter Ryan Condal. But Sapochnik will not take part in the production of the sequel. The point is that the director was tired: he actively developed the screen universe of the Game of Thrones over the years.

Sapochnik will continue as executive producer on House of the Dragon. Instead, Alan Taylor, one of the main directors of the first seasons of Game of Thrones, will become the main director. Ryan Condal will serve as sole showrunner for House of the Dragon. He writes the screenplay in close collaboration with George Martin, the author of the original novels.

Ryan Kondal and George Martin have been friends for many years. Prior to House of the Dragon, Kondal created the sci-fi series Colony. Source: imdb.com

🐉 What is known about the continuation of the “House of the Dragon”

The second season will focus on the Dance of the Dragons. This is the name given to the civil war between the supporters of Alycent Hightower and Reynira Targaryen. George Martin confirmed that there would be no more noticeable time jumps in the series. The writers will devote time to the war and the relationships of the characters.

The cast for the second season has yet to be announced, but it is known that in the sequel will show Winterfell – The Starks’ ancestral castle. Creegan Stark, a distant ancestor of Ned Stark, will play a significant role in the plot.

The story of the “House of the Dragon” will last at least four seasons. George Martin stated that this is how much screen time it would take to show all the important events of the Dance of the Dragons. Each season will have 10 episodes – just like the first.

More dragons will appear in the coming seasons. Showrunner Ryan Kondal claims that HBO has already allocated the necessary funds for computer graphics.

Millie Alcock and Emily Carey hardly will return in flashbacks in subsequent seasons. Source: HBO

Ryan Condal wants to make a Targaryen anthology out of House of the Dragon. The series may not end with Dance of the Dragons. In an interview with Collider, Kondal mentioned that I would like to show different eras of the Targaryen house in the series. Among them are Aegon the Conqueror’s attack on Westeros and the fall of Old Valyria.

Kondal’s plans Miguel Sapochnik also confirmed. In an interview, he mentioned that the writers could talk about the distant past of the Targaryens, and about the events after the Dance of the Dragons.

🎥 What is known about other series on the “Game of Thrones”

George Martin and HBO announced on the production of several more series based on the A Song of Ice and Fire universe. Not the fact that all shows will eventually reach the audience. Perhaps some of them will be canceled at the development stage – as it was already spin-off “Long Night”.

Continuation of “Game of Thrones” about Jon Snow. Kit Harington will return to his role he is will be the producer of the series. The plot will center around the adventures of Jon Snow behind the Wall. The Hollywood Reporter sources suggestthat if the series is successful, HBO will order spin-offs and other characters from Game of Thrones. For example, about Arya Stark or Brienne of Tarth.

Series about Dunk and Egg. The plot of this show is based on the stories of George Martin about the Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. The main characters are the boundary knight Dunk and his young squire Egg. An important role in the story is played by the Blackfire rebellion against the Targaryens.

Stephen Conrad, creator of The Patriot and writer of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, will serve as showrunner for the series.

“Sea Serpent”, or 9 Voyages. A spin-off about the adventures of Corlis Velaryon, one of the important characters in the House of the Dragon. Presumably, the series will tell about his travels around the world in his youth.

Sea Serpent’s showrunner is Bruno Heller, co-creator of Rome and Pennyworth.

“10,000 ships”. A prequel about the warrior princess Nymeria and her conquest of Dorne. The events of the series take place a thousand years before the “Game of Thrones”. The show’s showrunner is Amanda Siegel, the writer of In Sight.

Animation projects. HBO is developing several animated series based on Game of Thrones. One of spin-offs will focus on the I-Ti Empire, the analogue of ancient China in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire.

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Everything we know about House of the Dragon Season 2

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