Everything you need to know about the Cuphead cartoon

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the animated series Cupheadan adaptation of the acclaimed indie game of the same name, recently debuted on Netflix and it didn’t take long for it to create controversy here in Brazil, due to the disapproval of a pastor on his social networks about the content of the cartoon.

According to a video posted on his Instagram profile, the religious warns parents of children about the presence of a diabolical figure in the series and that they should be alert to what their children are watching.

We need to be on the alert so that we can protect our children from all the wiles of the Devil!“, he wrote in the caption of the posted video, which already has almost 3 million views.

Were you curious about the controversial design? Check it out here at Game On where it came from and some curiosities about it.

Cuphead: The Game

Everything you need to know about the Cuphead cartoon

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Cuphead is an indie platform game created by two Canadian brothers and released through Studio MDHR for Xbox One and PC platforms in 2017, later also coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

The game became a huge success mainly due to its aesthetic and artistic style inspired by 1930s cartoons, such as the work of Fleischer Studios, Warner Bros. Cartoons and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

The title presents a totally unique magical universe that takes place in a place called Ilha Inkteiro, where all kinds of objects, plants and animals have a life of their own.

It is on this island that the protagonists of the game live, the brothers Cuphead and Mugman, or Xicrinho and Caneco in the Brazilian location, two extremely messy cup-headed boys who love fun.

The Devil in Cuphead

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In the game’s story, Xicrinho and Caneco do not listen to the warnings of their tutor Velha Kealeira and go to have fun at the Devil’s Casino and end up winning all the bets in the dice game, which caught the attention of the devil himself, owner of the casino.

He proposes a final game, and if they won, the brothers would keep all the riches in the casino, but if they lost, they should surrender their souls. Without thinking, Xicrinho accepts the game but as expected, he ends up losing.

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The brothers beg for their lives and the devil decides to hand them a list of fleeing soul debtors. The duo’s mission now is to find the debtors and bring their souls, and then perhaps their lives will be spared, starting the game.

So the brothers must travel around Inkteiro Island fighting the villagers who have lost their souls to the devil. However, when they manage to gather all the souls, they refuse to hand them over and join the devil’s minions team, having to face him as the last boss of the game.

By defeating the devil, Xicrinho and Caneco free the souls of all debtors and become heroes of Tinteiro Island.

Cuphead: The Animated Series

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Just like the game, the animated series has as protagonists the cup brothers doing pranks on Tinteiro Island and stands out for its old-fashioned 1930s aesthetics, including the classic “drizzle” on the screen, common on old televisions (and also present on game).

In the first episode, called “Carna-mal”, the brothers go to an amusement park in hiding and Xicrinho starts winning one round after another in a machine called “ball of the soul”, which serves to suck the souls of the losing players. to hell, to the delight of the devil who welcomes his new residents – he even introduces himself to the spectators by singing a song.

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Realizing that the “soul counter” has stopped working, since Xicrinho doesn’t miss any game, the devil goes to the park himself, causing the boy to miss the shot.

The brothers manage to escape from the demonic being, but in the process they end up destroying the park and all the captured souls escape from hell, leaving the bad thing not happy with the situation, promising that he will get Xicrinho’s soul.

The series has only 12 episodes of about 15 minutes each, which are divided into random stories and the central theme: the Devil’s search for Xicrinho’s soul.

Different Characters

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The animated series features several different characters, most inspired by characters that appeared in the 2017 game and that are easily recognized by those who have already ventured into the game, such as the pair of brothers who love to cause trouble, the elder Velha Kettle and himself. Devil.

In addition to them, several other characters also appear in the episodes of the series, such as Seu Torresmo, the pig that sells items within the game and bosses such as Mafia da Raiz (composed of a potato, onion and carrot), the boxing frogs Escoaxo and Sopapo. and Rei Dice, manager of the Devil’s Casino (and penultimate boss of the game).

A character worth mentioning is the Miss Gobleta girl with a goblet-shaped head, who appears in the last episode using her sympathy to get free things, which catches the attention of the brothers.

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In the game she appears as an NPC in the form of a ghost called the Legendary Chalice, who is trapped inside urns in mausoleums and who delivers rewards to the player when she is saved.

She is also already confirmed as a playable character, alongside Xicrinho and Caneco, in the DLC Cuphead: The Delicious Last Coursescheduled for release on June 30, 2022 on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC platforms.

Cuphead – The Series is available with 12 episodes in its first season on Netflix.

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Everything you need to know about the Cuphead cartoon

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