Family cinema: 11 films to watch with the children during the Christmas holidays

All the films to see with the family during the Christmas holidays, classified by age and release date.

Want to have a good time with your family at the cinema? To introduce the youngest to the rooms or to see your children’s eyes shine in front of a great adventure?

Here are the 11 movies to see in theaters over the Christmas holidays, sorted by age and release date.

Christmas with the Koalas Brothers – Released November 16


From 3 years old – Celebrate Christmas with the family with the Koala brothers! This 45-minute stop motion film from the British series The Koala Brothersis ideal for a cinema with the little ones.

The little Koalas have invited everyone they love to celebrate Christmas with them. But their friend, Penny the little penguin is injured and cannot come. The two brothers then cross the ocean aboard their plane to go in search of him on the ice floe. From the Australian desert to Antarctica, spectators embark on a great journey.

A nice film full of benevolence on solidarity and friendship.

Long live the winter wind – Released November 23

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The films of the Préau

From 3 years old – Vive le vent d’hiver is a program of 5 short films lasting a total of 35 minutes to celebrate the arrival of winter. Perfect for toddlers.

Cubs celebrate while their parents prepare to hibernate, 4 arctic hares meet a strange creature, 2 polar opposite friends face their fear of the unknown, a family of snowmen discover that their carrots have disappeared while a grumpy polar bear has an unexpected encounter.

The films have all been acclaimed at festivals and are made by new talents in European animation.

Operation Santa Claus – Released November 23

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From 3 years old – Catch Santa Claus to offer it to a child? It’s possible ? This is the theme of the film Operation Santa Claus.

William a spoiled child asks for Santa Claus as a gift and his dad hires a hunter to make his wish come true. The little boy and his neighbor Alice will finally join forces and live an adventure that will become the best Christmas present in the world.

A film to perpetuate the magic of Christmas.

The drawings are signed Samuel Ribeyron, author and illustrator to whom we owe the works “The shepherdess with blue hands“, “Just Ten Years” or “Canister and fragile“.

Ernest and Celestine: The Journey to Charabie – Released December 14

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From 4 years old – Find the bear Ernest and the mouse Célestine at the cinema, 10 years after the first opus. Directed by Julien Chheng and Jean-Christophe Roger, who both worked on the series, Ernest and Célestine: the trip to Charabie leads us to discover the land of the Bears!

The 2 friends go to Charabie to have Ernest’s violin repaired. They then discover that music has been banned throughout the country for several years. For our two heroes, it is unthinkable to live without music! Accompanied by accomplices, including a mysterious masked vigilante, Ernest and Célestine will try to repair this injustice in order to bring joy back to bear country.

A gentle tale in line with the first film and the series. This tender and funny film reminds children of the importance of music and family and proves to parents the importance of letting their children choose their path. With its political subtext that shows the underside of a dictatorship, the film is a little gem to see in theaters from 4 years old.

Enzo the Croco – Release November 30

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Paramount Pictures

From 6 years old – Adapted from the series of best-selling novels written by Bernard Waber, “Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile“, Enzo the Croco mixes real shots and synthetic images.

Directed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon, the film follows the Primm family. When the latter moves to New York, their young son Josh struggles to adapt to his new school and his new classmates. But everything will change when he discovers Enzo – a singing crocodile who loves baths and caviar – and who lives in the attic of his new house.

In VO it is Shawn Mendes who interprets the songs of the film, while in French it is Doryan Ben, former candidate of The Voice, who doubles the songs of Enzo.

Recommended from 6 years old, this family feature film will appeal to children and parents alike, thanks in particular to the breathtaking musical numbers!

Puss in Boots 2: The Final Quest – Released December 7

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Universal Pictures

From 6 years old – Puss in Boots is back 11 years after the first feature film. In this new adventure, the clawed hero realizes that he has exhausted 8 of his 9 lives and will try, with the help of Kitty and the dog Perro, to find the Wishing Star in order to recover his lost lives.

Directed by Januel P. Mercado and Joel Crawford, The Last Quest is a great adventure film in the vein of the first opus. More mature, more empathetic, Potté will become aware of his own mortality and become a more “human” cat. The ideal film to enjoy a perfect family moment for the Christmas holidays.

Be careful though, some scenes with the wolf can frighten the most sensitive (also works for adults).

Note that this is the film that follows the Féérie des eaux at the Parisian cinema Le Grand Rex. A great idea for an outing for Parisian families.

The Kingdom of Stars – Released December 7

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From 6 years old – Adapted from the tale by German author Gerdt von Bassewitz “Peterchens Mondfahrt“(Little Peter in the Land of Dreams), The Kingdom of Stars takes viewers on a great sidereal journey.

Peter, the down-to-earth young hero, goes in search of his little sister Anne who has gone to the moon (literally) after listening to the crazy stories of an old beetle. Peter will then discover a world as marvelous as it is dangerous where the stars go to the Sandman’s school to learn how to watch over children, where the big bear is a real bear, where the elements are personified and where the way milky is made of cheeses…

So many elements that children will love and that will allow them to imagine that the sky is populated by magical and wonderful creatures. A beautiful lesson in love which shows that despite the disputes and the differences in character, siblings always support each other.

Operation Grizzly – Released December 21

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CGR Events

From 6 years old – One year after Operation Panda, discover Operation Grizzly!

The Mic-Mac bear is back with all his friends for new adventures: baby Panda has grown up, it’s now baby Grizzly who needs help to join his family. But the expedition is not easy… The merry band must thwart a diabolical plan to save the presidential elections.

A funny and tender film that will certainly please fans of the first opus.

This Won’t Be Our Last Christmas – Released November 23

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From 8 years old – A real success when it was released in Spanish cinemas, It Won’t Be Our Last Christmas is a family comedy in which a couple on the verge of breaking up go on vacation with their 3 children. The latter decided to divorce after Christmas without telling their children. But the latter discover their project and decide to lock up their parents until they are reconciled.

The film is directed by Juan Manuel Cotelo. The latter wanted to play down the divorce. He specifies : “All the difficulties of life can be dealt with in the cinema with delicacy and kindness, to restore hope. Films like Benigni’s Life is Beautiful or Chaplin’s Modern Times address dramatic issues with humor, good music, good photography, good actors… And the result is beneficial and joyful..”

Le Petit Piaf – Released December 21 – 8 years old

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From 8 years old – New realization of Gérard Jugnot, Le Petit Piaf is a feel-good movie which will appeal to fans of the show The Voice kids. The young Soan Arhimann, winner of the tele-hook in 2019, indeed holds the main role of this singing comedy. If the young boy was then coached by Amel Bent, he is here trained by Marc Lavoine.

The feature film takes place in a village in Reunion. Ten-year-old Nelson dreams of becoming a great singer. After applying for the TV show Star Kids, they decide to find a coach to prepare for their competition.

Luckily, Pierre Leroy (Lavoine), a famous singer with a career at half mast, is on tour on the island. But the current passes with difficulty between Pierre, solitary and disenchanted, and Nelson proud and obstinate. Their only common point, the love of singing. Will he be strong enough to bring them closer?

A family comedy to see from December 21.

Storm – Released December 21 – 8 years old

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Julien Panié – Nolita Cinema

From 8 years old – 6 years after A Bag of Marbles, director Christian Duguay returns with Tempête carried by Mélanie Laurent, Pio Marmaï, Kacey Mottet Klein and Carmen Kassovitz.

In this family drama, young Zoé grew up surrounded by horses and has only one dream: to become a jockey. Storm, a filly she sees born, will become her alter ego. But one stormy evening, Storm, panicked, knocks Zoe down and shatters her dream. However, she will hang on and try the impossible to reconnect with her destiny.

The filmmaker is used to filming with children and animals (considered to be 2 of the most difficult things to do in cinema) since he had already directed Belle and Sébastien: The Adventure Continues. He gives us here a moving initiatory story that will appeal to horse riding enthusiasts.

A film to see with the greatest because of scenes that are sometimes a little difficult, including the famous horse accident.

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Family cinema: 11 films to watch with the children during the Christmas holidays

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