Film review: with Where is Anne Frank, something new has been invented

Anne Frank has received a lot of publicity in recent years when it comes to new productions for cinemas and streaming services. Now there is another movie, animation this time. A special one, we can say right away.

There was of course also the discussion recently about who betrayed Anne Frank and her family during the Second World War. The book The Betrayal of Anne Frank, that dealt with this subject eventually became withdrawn from the market.

New ‘Anne Frank’ Film Review of the Week

Running from tomorrow Where is Anne Frank – written without a question mark – in Dutch cinemas. To be honest, the editors were asked ‘Another Anne Frank yet?’ past. What can be said about that terrible hiding in the Secret Annex in Amsterdam and the even more terrible ending in a concentration camp? Anyway, I looked, because well: Anne Frank. Subway was surprised with yet another new angle. And that’s why Where is Anne Frank Subways Film Review of the Week. Must that Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, this week’s biggest new movie, wouldn’t it be? We almost hear you asking. Nothing is necessary of course, but don’t worry: also about Fantastic Beasts has Subway an opinion ready.

Anne Frank lives on in Amsterdam

Where is Anne Frank comes from a somewhat unexpected quarter. The film is French, but made by the Israeli Ari Folman. With his animation, this filmmaker wants to show how Anne Frank lives on in Amsterdam. How he brings past and present together in one film is precisely that surprising angle. Folman came up with it to bring Kitty to life, the imaginary girl to whom Anne entrusted her words in the world-famous diary.

How she comes to life is totally abracadabra, but who cares. there is in Where is Anne Frank a nice fact with that Kitty arranged. The fact that she can go to Amsterdam in 2022 with the diary in her bag. And as an animation maker you can do something with that.

Different forms of Anne’s story

If you start with the subject of Anne Frank in the Second World War, you have to come up with something in this time. Ari Forman has succeeded with the revived Kitty. That was also the case with cinema film last year My Best Friend Anne Frank (now on Netflix), told from friend Hannah Goslar. Subway talked about it with actress Aiko Mila Beemsterboer. In 2020, that worked out great with Anne Frank’s Video Diary. For the Dutch YouTube series, it was thought that Anne Frank was a vlogster, instead of a diary writer. This form, released in several languages, appealed to young people from all over the world.

Anne Frank
Kitty on the Amsterdam canals. Animation: Cineart

But now there’s Kitty. Where is Anne Frank delivers beautiful images from the first second. You can still find something about the design of the characters. But how Amsterdam, and especially the canals and canal houses are drawn, will charm every movie viewer. The Nazis are all dressed in the same somewhat sinister, white masks. Also a good find.

New challenges Europe

The fact that both the present and the past are addressed in this animation version works like a charm. This way you can show the hiding in the Secret Annex, but also the long queues of tourists in front of the same Secret Annex in 2022 (including a pickpocket).

Anne Frank
Anne Frank in Amsterdam. Animation: Cineart

“My diary is my best friend,” says Anne Frank. “But she also has my own sparkle, my smile, my wisdom and of course my sense of humor.” Typical Anne. That mysterious friend, Kitty, wonders once ‘alive’ where Anne is, takes the diary with her and goes to investigate. Stunned, she discovers that Anne is everywhere and nowhere. In this Europe wrestling with new challenges, Kitty finds a way to redefine Anne’s message. This makes the film heartwarming and confrontational at the same time. Kitty also speaks to the people of today and refugees play an important role in this. Once again: good find.

Although we must of course not forget that Anne Frank and her sister Margot are two of the one and a half million Jewish children who died during the Holocaust. Despite all the new angles, that story must continue to be told.

Anne Frank
Anne and Kitty. Animation: Cineart

Review from 5: 4. Note: this Anne Frank may be a bit complicated for young children due to the ingenious jumps in time and adult texts. As if Anne’s story continues to appeal to the imagination.

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Film review: with Where is Anne Frank, something new has been invented

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Film review: with Where is Anne Frank, something new has been invented

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