Film Series 420: ‘A Hard Mouse to Hunt’ and ‘El Conejo de Sevilla’ | The planting

✍ 3 January, 2023 – 16:34

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The Wednesday, January 25 at 8:00 p.m. The Planteo and Cinema Club Lucero you are invited to the first function of the year of María María, the film series 420. Next to the most jungle bar in Buenos Aires, we suggest you spend the summer in the City with a lively, crazy and psychedelic proposal.

To kick off the programming, we inaugurate 2023 with the animated classic Looney Tunes: Seville Rabbit (1950). Directed by the legendary cartoonist and animator Chuck Jones (and creator of Coyote and the Road Runner!), this short film that parodies Italian opera The Barber of Seville and has Bugs Bunny at his comedic high point.

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The hunter Elmer Grumpy will suffer reprisals from a barber rabbit that will drive him mad to death. A masterpiece of humor animated by its freshness and corrosion worthy of modern times, but born in the middle of the last century.

And if we talk about classics and comedies that are here to stay, your favorite film series asks you to please adjust those wireless headphones from the cinema club to fully live the immersive experience that it will offer us A tough little mouse to hunt (1997).

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A tough little mouse to hunt in Maria Maria

This American comedy and debut feature by Gore Verbinski (director of the saga Pirates of the Caribbean) tells the story of two brothers eager to sell a recently inherited valuable old mansion. However, their plans will be thwarted by a mouse that will make their lives (and the sale of the house) practically impossible.

Starring Nathan Lane (Modern Family), Lee Evans (crazy about mary) and Christopher Walken (The legend of the Headless Horseman), carry on this great comedy for the whole family but with multiple nods to the adult audience. The Smuntz brothers’ dispute over the home co-opted by the fast-paced little rodent offers a dynamic, intelligent and absurd story in equal measure.

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The person responsible for this amazing double feature? Octavio “Chavo” Saraintarisor better known as @chavoescrotitoone of the most outstanding graphic humorists of 2022 is dispatched with a summery and refreshing programming.

The first show of the year will have Valentina Lipani as the master of ceremonies. This goldsmith artist and responsible for Me Copa, she promotes her ideas and her freshness through the social networks of El Planteo.

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The show will be at 8:00 p.m. at Club Lucero, Nicaragua 6048, Palermo, CABA. We are waiting for you!

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Film Series 420: ‘A Hard Mouse to Hunt’ and ‘El Conejo de Sevilla’ | The planting

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