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A look at whether the Despicable Me franchise, otherwise known as “Minions”, has dethroned the Shrek films as the most popular animated film franchise.

With the announcement of the next Despicable Me movie coming out in 2024, is it finally time to admit that the franchise has overtaken the Shrek series? In many ways, the Despicable Me franchise, also known as “Minions”, mirrors the history and success of Shrek. Both original animated comedies follow main characters who are convinced they are bad guys because of what they have been told or what they expect. However, both of their stories make these protagonists become unlikely heroes due to the introduction of friends and family members who expect more of them and compel them to do what is ultimately right.

There are currently 5 Shrek movies (not to mention 3 Puss in Boots spin-off movies) with another on the way. Shrek, which was originally released in 2001, was a hit with adults and children alike, and reinvigorated Dreamworks as Disney’s animation competitor. The film was quickly dubbed one of the most influential animated films of the 21st century. On the other hand, the original Despicable Me, released in 2010 by Illumination and Universal Studios, released 6 films with a 7th scheduled for 2024. An official 6th installment of the Shrek franchise, Shrek 5, was announced in 2016. and is slated for 2023, though that date will likely change as production is currently stalled on the film.

Will the Minions reflect the cinematic legacy of Shrek?

With the announcement of Despicable Me 4 slated for July 2024, it looks like the Minions franchise has no intention of slowing its momentum like Shrek has been lately. The last film, Shrek Forever After, was released in 2010. It is hoped that this new film will reinvigorate the popular “Shrek Effect” of the early 2000s, but that remains to be seen. Although it has been announced that there is a script, details are sparse on what the film is about and who its famous cast will be returning to.

Many might also argue that Minions may not have the shelf life that led to the success of Shrek. Released over two decades ago, many of its original young fans are now adults who still find the broader humor, meant to target the whole family, appealing even to older audiences. However, Minions are often seen as being specifically aimed at smaller children, which will likely raise questions about how successful the franchise will remain in the long run. In all honesty, whether Minions will sustain the cultural effect that Shrek provided in the beginning and beyond can’t be compared for at least another decade.

How Minions Are Already Surpassing The Hit Of Shrek Memes

An important factor not to be overlooked in the success of Minions is the phenomenon of memes. Minions memes transcend age and are central to social media culture today. With that in mind, the Minions have probably already surpassed Shrek in terms of popularity. While Shrek will always remain iconic, it probably doesn’t live up to the effect the Minions have on other facets of media and entertainment that weren’t there when Shrek was first released. With Despicable Me chasing its seventh film and counting, and Shrek in limbo nearly 13 years later with its 6th, Shrek has some work to do to stay relevant for new generations in the years to come.

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Have the Minions become the new Shrek? | Pretty Reel

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