Haven’t you seen anime yet? This is the guide to watch animated series that Netflix itself recommends

Animated projects in the West have a greater representation than productions made on the Asian continent, and the best example is the success of anime on Netflix.

It is no coincidence that the streaming platform deepens its support for this type of titles that offer variety to its extensive catalogue.

That is why from the social networks of the American company a “guide” was prepared for those people who have never seen an anime, start by seeing their first titles.

Guide to watch anime on Netflix

If you like Gladiator or Cobra Kai then you must see “Record of Ragnarok”

This series centers on a series of battles to the death between gods and humans throughout Ragnarok, an event held every thousand years to decide the fate of humanity in 7 vs 7 combat.

If you are a fan of series like ‘Vikings: Valhalla’, your ideal anime is ‘One Piece’

One Piece tells the story of a young man named Monkey D. Luffy, who, inspired by his pirate friend Shanks, begins a journey to achieve his dream, to be the Pirate King, for which he must find the One Piece treasure left by the previous King of the Pirates Gol D. Roger.

Fans of ‘The Witcher’ must see ‘Demon Slayer’

This animated series centers on Tanjiro and his friends, who join forces with a powerful swordsman to fight demons traveling on a moving train.

Lovers of ‘Bridgerton’ must see the entire saga of ‘Violet Evergarden’

Former soldier Violet Evergarden tutors a young lady at a private women-only academy. However, she still misses the only person who knew how to make her happy.

Football lovers should not hesitate to see ‘Superchampions’

The story has soccer as its central theme, narrating the intrepid adventures of Tsubasa Ōzora and his friends from childhood until they become professionals and become part of the Japan national team. The plot also focuses on Tsubasa’s relationship with his friends, the rivalry towards his opponents, training, competition and the events in each of the matches that are played.

An ‘animated version’ of the special “Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities” is undoubtedly Junji Ito: Maniac. Japanese Tales of the Macabre

This series is an adaptation of 20 stories from the work of mangaka Junji Ito, with volume animation by Tomie, Soichi and Los Globos Colgantes, among others.

After watching those series you can now watch the classics “Akira” and “Evangelion”

Akira is about a young telepath wandering the streets of Tokyo realizing that the powers he possesses are amazing.

While evangelion talks about a dystopian future in which humanity has been struck down by an apocalyptic scenario where gigantic monsters called “angels” seem to seek the destruction of life on earth.

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Haven’t you seen anime yet? This is the guide to watch animated series that Netflix itself recommends

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