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Continue the series of in-depth articles on Horizon Forbidden West signed Guerrilla Games. After the dedicated ones to the Machines and al game worldthe post on PlayStation Blog of today speaks to us of the combatof the animations and battles of the title.

“Aloy is a shrewd and agile fighter,” said Charles Perain, combat designer. “In Horizon Forbidden West, the tools at her disposal offer a wide variety of tactics to engage physically stronger opponents, from armored humans to massive machines.”

“The changes made to the fights do not alter Aloy’s identity. First, we wanted to deepen the gameplay and reward the skill of the players by introducing novelties such as melee combos and Valiant Charges. Taking some time to perfect their skills. combat, you can find more and more efficient and spectacular ways to get rid of enemies. Secondly, we wanted to meet various styles of play to further increase the freedom of choice. Through new weapons and new outfits to upgrade at the workbench , players can adapt their tactics. Finally, we wanted to create challenging enemies that encourage players to use the entire repertoire of skills. Brand new Machines and highly advanced human enemies will continue to raise the bar throughout the game! “

Guerrilla reveals that his AI team has made a great contribution to the improved combat system. Chief AI programmer Arjen Beij said by the way: “We made enemies more authentic by giving them smoother and more realistic movement, for example when they (or Aloy’s companions) traverse uneven terrain. The AI ​​in Horizon Zero Dawn was already in place. able to dynamically adapt to the conformation of the terrain, but now his behavioral routines also include the ability to jump and climb. During the game, the AI ​​is able to look for shortcuts, while in the past it would have limited to making long detours. “

Discussing animations, Richard Oud, director of gameplay animations, said: “We study the anatomy and movements of each character in depth. While there are huge differences between animating a human or a machine, in both cases our goals as animators are. substantially similar. “

“The state of an enemy emerges through attitude, posture and vocalization,” Beij added. “When he suspects something, the enemy cautiously approaches our position. He can do this to investigate an arrow that is lodged nearby, or after noticing a Machine we have stealthily shot down.”


“We can also evade combat by hiding and sneaking away. When the enemy doesn’t find us where he expected to surprise us, he starts looking around. Human enemies regroup and beat the area under the guidance of a leader who issues the order and coordinate efforts. In these cases, animations and contextual dialogues help the player to guess their next moves! “

Audio designer Pinar Temiz joined the discussion to talk about how Guerrilla is working to make the battles of Horizon Forbidden West even more realistic thanks to the sound.

“The biggest challenge was balancing the characteristic sounds of the Machines of Horizon Zero Dawn with the novelty and complexity of the scenarios of the Forbidden West and the Machines that populate them. In this new frontier we have Machines with even more expressive animations and specific functions. , which required more detailed audio design. Building on what we achieved in the first game, we created a new range of sounds to characterize each Machine and make it consistent with the rest of the Horizon world, “he said.


“The team did a lot of research to define the underlying personality and traits of each enemy, again to make the world as authentic and engaging as possible,” continues Oud. “Usually, we start with a general scheme that summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy, listing key words and characteristics that distinguish him. Then we start studying documentaries, films, encyclopedias, comics, illustrations and any other useful material to better frame the nature of the character. “

Finally Guerrilla spoke of the new enemies, which are not just the Machines. In Horizon Forbidden West, in fact, we will face new and more numerous human enemies such as the rebels of Regalla, a faction of the Tenakth tribe.

Oud said: “We wanted the fights against humans to be as deep and fulfilling as those against the Machines. For this, we have enriched the combat system and added much more variety to the range of possible encounters with human opponents. Players can engage them with whichever style they prefer, be it ranged or close combat. The alternation between these different approaches has allowed us to insert many transition animations that are fluid and responsive. “

Horizon Forbidden West will be released on PS4 and PS5 on February 18, 2022.

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Horizon Forbidden West, new combat details and animations – GamingTalker

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