How many Russians watch TV

According to research firm Mediascope, at least about 63% of Russians turn on the TV once a day, that is, two people out of three.

However, every year our compatriots spend less and less time in front of television screens. We looked at the statistics and found out which channels Russians watch, how much it takes them, and also which programs are the most popular.

TV audiences are measured by research companies. In Russia in 2020-2022 Roskomnadzor has appointed Mediascope as the sole measurer of the television audience.

To study the behavior of viewers, a special device is used – a peoplemeter. It is issued to each volunteer who agrees to participate in the study. The People Meter is attached to each TV in the family and registers what program a person is watching and how long the viewing lasts.

When the TV is turned on, the peoplemeter starts recording data, when it is turned off, it saves this data. Participants mark the moment of beginning and end of the viewing on their own – using a special control panel. Viewing data is transferred daily to a single database.

The study runs non-stop throughout the year. TV viewing data is supplied daily. Also every year, Mediascope publishes a report on the results of the study.

How many Russians watch TV

Mediascope told Tinkoff Magazine that the older a person is, the more likely they are to spend their free time in front of a TV screen. Therefore, the main audience of TV channels is people over 54 years old: among those who watch TV, there are 52.5%. Russians 35-54 years old make up 29.5% of the total number of viewers, 18-34 years old — 11.5%, 4-17 years old – 6.4%.

Women receive news from TV more often than men. If a company of ten average Russians decides to spend their time watching the evening news, then six of them will be women and four will be men.

In general, TV is watched less and less. If in 2017 the average Russian spent about 5.8 hours a day in front of the screen, today it is 5.5 hours. Interestingly, in 2020, the viewing time increased to 5.9 hours compared to 5.6 in 2019. This is most likely due to the start of the pandemic COVID-19when people were at home due to lockdowns. In 2021, this figure has decreased again.

In which cities do you like to watch TV the most?

Mediascope publishes data only for those cities that are studied as part of TV Index project – These are primarily settlements where more than 100 thousand people live.

The highest share of TV viewers is in Omsk: 68% of the population. In terms of viewing time, this city ranks second: the average viewer-Omsk spends in front of the screen about 5.5 hours a day.

In second place in terms of the share of viewers is Chelyabinsk: 67% of city residents at least turn on TV once a day. The average viewing time for Chelyabinsk viewers is 5.3 hours. In third place is Kemerovo: 66% of the population watches TV here. Watching time – 5.2 hours a day.

Television has the smallest audience in both capitals and in Tomsk. In Moscow, 59% of residents watch TV – however, it is worth noting that both Muscovites and residents of cities in the Moscow Region with a population of more than 100,000 people took part in the study. In Tomsk and St. Petersburg there are 55% and 57% of TV viewers respectively.

What are the most popular TV channels

If we take the audience as a whole, the most popular are the so-called channels of the first three: First, “Russia 1” and NTV. For example, Channel One and “Russia-1” at least once a day includes every fourth Russian. However, these channels are gradually losing popularity, and in 2022, when many entertainment programs were removed from the broadcasting network, the outflow of the audience increased.

If in 2017 Channel One was watched by 35% of viewers, then in 2022 this figure dropped to 24.9%. A similar situation with “Russia-1” and NTV: the average daily audience of these channels also decreased. Today the leader is “Russia 1” with a daily coverage of 26.9% of the population. In third place is NTV: 19.9%.

Children from 4 to 11 years old more often they watch the Karusel channel, which shows mainly cartoons. Disney was also popular with the youngest viewers – a specialized children’s channel, where they played cartoons and animated series for children. But from December 14, 2022, he stopped broadcasting in Russia. Instead, they launched the domestic channel “Solntse”. On the third and fourth place – “Mult” and STS. The fifth place in popularity among children is Channel One.

Teenagers from 12 to 17 years old STS is most often watched – it is more designed for a teenage audience than cartoon channels.

Russians 45-64 years oldseem to be most concerned about the news: on TV, they most often watch “Russia-1”, Channel One and NTV. They are less interested in entertainment content than young people, but yet he is present in their life: after watching the news, a middle-aged Russian switches to STS.

People 65 and older interested in news and analytics: they watch “Russia-1”, Channel One, NTV, Russia 24 and Channel Five. But look something for the mood they also love. True, instead of exclusively entertaining content, they prefer educational programs that are broadcast, for example, by the Kultura TV channel. Another popular among this age category is Domashny, a channel that targets women from 25 to 59 years old.

What programs are the most popular

Viewing leaders do not change from year to year: these are programs dedicated to major holidays such as the New Year and May 9, broadcasts of world-class sporting events, as well as the final releases of popular shows. Note that if some the program is aired simultaneously on several channels, such as the parade on May 9, then Mediascope counts the viewers of each channel separately. Therefore, two parades can get into the overall rating at once: the broadcast conducted by Channel One, and the one that was on “Russia-1”.

Congratulations from the President on New Year’s Eve. In 2021, the majority of Russians watched Vladimir Putin’s New Year’s address, which is shown through 20 federal channels seven minutes before the end of the year. Most often, the president was listened to on Channel One: about 15.9% of the population. After midnight, the audience, as a rule, does not turn off the TV, but continues to watch it. For example, New Year’s Eve on Channel One is an annual musical and entertainment program. In 2021, 12.7% of Russians watched it.

Military parade on May 9th. In 2022, 11.2% of Russians watched it on Channel One. Also on this day, many watch war films, which are shown on most channels in honor of the holiday. For example, in 2022, 4.5% of Russians watched Ax. 1943 “on NTV, another 4.4% – the film” Devyatayev “on “Russia-1”.

Sports broadcasts. In 2018, Russia hosted the final part of the World Cup. Then the most viewers were broadcasting matches Russia – Croatia on Channel One and Spain – Russia on “Russia-1”: 20.2 and 18.6% respectively.

In 2022, the Russians actively followed the competitions in women’s figure skating and women’s biathlon, which were held as part of the Winter Olympics. For example, the TV program “XXIV Winter Olympic Games. Figure skating. Short program. Women” on Channel One was watched by 7.1% of the population. Broadcast rating data from World Cup 2022 not yet available in Qatar at the time of writing.

TV show. Only the most popular episode gets into the rating here, usually this is the final. As statistics show, the favorite show of Russians is “Mask”, it is shown on NTV. In 2020, the last issue was released on April 26, the audience was about 10%. In 2021, the final was on May 2 – then almost 7% of Russians watched it. In 2022, the finale of “The Mask” was shown on May 1, it gathered 5% of the country’s population at the screens.

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How many Russians watch TV

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