How to create an animated wallpaper for your cell phone

Wallpaper on iPhone. (photo: Androidphoria)

There are many reasons why a person wants to put animated wallpapers: they are fun, they look great, they are different, etc. It is true that it consumes a lot of battery, but the advantages are clear: they are more impressive than ordinary photos. either in Android or in the latest model of iphone.

Android It does not have its own option to make a video live wallpaper. The same happens with Manzanawhich removed this option years ago in the iphone. To do this, it is necessary to find a third party application in Google Play Store either app store take over this job.

There really are a lot of options available on both app stores. You just have to do a simple search and you can check dozens and all of them are free or paid. Without further ado, you have to see the solutions for both operating systems.

How to create an animated wallpaper on Android

You can choose the option that the Infobae reader likes the most in the Play Store, but the most recommended, even by the users themselves, is Video Live Wallpaper Maker. The app is very expensive when you pay for its premium features, which are worth $20/month.

Of course, the free version allows you to easily create live wallpapers from videos. Just have to put up with tons of ads every time it’s used, but bearable.

1. Go to Google Play Store and download Video Live Wallpaper Maker.

2. Open the app.

3. The home page displays the video gallery of the device. select the video you want to use.

4. Some options will appear. You can choose to enable sound and scale to fit screen. Choose the one you want.

5. Once done, click on Set android launcher wallpaper.

6. Click on Set wallpaper.

7. Choose if you want to put it on the home screen, or home screen and lock screen. Clever.

Video Live Wallpaper Maker. (photo: Google Play Store)
Video Live Wallpaper Maker. (photo: Google Play Store)

With this app you can already have the desired animated background for your Android cell phone. The job of whoever reads this article is to make a good video about something they like, and that’s it.

As mentioned, you can use an existing video or create a new video for this mission. If you have a pet nearby, it’s time to record it and even better if it sleeps in a funny way.

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How to create an animated wallpaper on iPhone

Apple removed live wallpaper in iOS 16. So if you have Apple’s older software, good time. Although currently it would be difficult to have it.

Anyway, as mentioned, if you still have the version of iOS 15, creating your own live wallpaper is relatively easy. Therefore, those who have this version backwards can use any Live Photo as live wallpaper. You have to follow the following steps:

1. Open the app settings.

2. enter in Wallpaper.

3. Select the option Choose a new wallpaper.

4. Press Live Photos.

5. Select a photo and confirm.

6. Select Establish.

7. Select from the Set Lock Screen, Set Home Screen, or Set Both options. And ready.

Photo Live. (photo: Lifewire)
Photo Live. (photo: Lifewire)

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Now if the user is running iOS 16 and want to turn your videos into wallpapers, there are options available in the form of a third party applicationas was done previously with an Android cell phone.

The App Store is full of them, but by ratings in the app store Infobae recommends IntoLive. Again, it’s quite an expensive program if the user subscribes, but it can be used for free, which is fine for doing this task by the way.

1. Open the Apple App Store and download IntoLive. Then run it.

2. Select New project.

3. Find the content you want to use.

4. Click on the button Add.

5. Now you can make all kinds of edits. Among them, you can crop, add content, make exposure and color changes, etc.

6. When finished editing, press the button Share in the upper right corner.

7. Select Live Photo under File Type.

8. Select the desired resolution and FPS.

9. Push the button Save to Photos, and ready.

IntoLive. (photo: App Store)
IntoLive. (photo: App Store)

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How to create an animated wallpaper for your cell phone

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