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We have been seeing GIFs circulating on our phones for a few years now. Immediate, funny and capable of eliciting a smile or a laugh from those who look at them. In a short time, GIFs have depopulated among the new generations as well as among the older ones, establishing itself as a new communication tool on social networks and messaging apps, first of all WhatsApp. However, if it is true that, today, everyone knows about GIFs, so is that many still ignore the procedure for creating one.

An action, unlike what one might think, now extremely easy and fast, thanks above all to the many apps and many online sites that allow you to do it. So here are all our tips in this regard, with thelist of the best applications and websites that allow you to create an animated GIF for whatsapp. But first, let’s start with a quick explanation of what GIFs are and how to send them via WhatsApp.

Animated GIFs: what they are and how to send them with WhatsApp

Basically, GIFs (or GIF images) are gods files composed of a sequence of images that repeat in a loop and ending with the “.gif” extension. For this reason, they can be created with mini clips of video, or by combining multiple images. As anticipated, GIFs they are currently widely used both on social networks and on the main messaging appssince, once one is created or received by message, it is possible to save it on your device, and then send it back as many times as you want.

For this, sending a GIF is now something extremely immediate, and many apps have a special function that allows you to do it super fast. To send a GIF on WhatsApp, for example, just press on the item that opens the Emoticons screen and, subsequently, press on the GIF item. At this point, it will be possible to either search for a specific GIF using the command “Search for“, or choose from those proposed in the various categories that appear, such as “Popular“, Sad” or “reactions“. A real child’s game, in short, which allows everyone to exchange and send GIFs, regardless of the level of confidence with the device you are using.

Create an animated GIF for WhatsApp

Similarly, even creating a GIF is now an incredibly easy action, unlike what you might think. In fact, to date, there are many online sites and apps that allow you to create a GIF quickly and safely, in a few minutes and without too many complications. Thanks to these tools, it is possible to create GIFs starting from video clips or by merging several photos, and then add any writing and/or animations and save them on your device. So that you can later send it to whoever you want on social networks or via WhatsApp and other messaging apps.

Something that, therefore, everyone can easily do, since most of these sites and apps they are characterized by extremely simple interfaces and methods of use. It doesn’t matter how familiar an individual is with this kind of online programs and functions or what level of computer knowledge he has. It only takes a few minutes to create a GIF, if you know which tools you have to rely on. That said, we suggest the three best apps and three best sites to create an animated GIF.

create an animated GIF

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The best apps to create an animated GIF

At the moment, there are a fair number of reliable apps for making GIFs, downloadable directly to your smartphone. Here are our recommendations.

  • GifMaker: available only for smartphones and tablets with Android system, Gif Maker is an app with an extremely simple and easy to understand user interface, which will allow you to create GIFs quickly even for those who have no experience in video and photo editing . The editing commands are few and very clear and, after a very short tutorial, you will be able to create animated GIFs starting from groups of photos or video clips.
  • GIF Camera: another app compatible only with the Android operating system, GIF Camera is a tool designed specifically for beginners and which is accompanied towards the creation of GIFs thanks to consistent support from the software. The horizontal cursor that is adopted is very practical, and the files created can be re-shared immediately even on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Giphy Cam: application available for both devices with Android operating system and iOS devices. Giphy Cam lets you create GIFs from images in your gallery, or edit existing GIFs. Also in this case the user interface is very intuitive and well structured, with the possibility of sharing GIFs directly via social networks (as well as saving them and then using them in the various chats on WhatsApp and other messaging apps).
  • The best sites to create an animated GIF

    As for i websites and online programs used to create animated GIFs, on the other hand, their number is far greater, and you can find really many of them. Here are, currently, the best around.

  • EZGifThis is probably the most popular and used GIF-making website right now. It can be used on both iOS and Android and Microsoft devices and, in addition to creating GIFs, you can also edit images with animations and give shape to real animated memes.
  • giphy: another incredibly famous website used by thousands of users. Giphy is an extremely powerful and easy to use program that will allow anyone to become a real professional in creating GIFs. Just import the file you want from your own images or by directly uploading a video from YouTube. After that, you can edit everything and add animations, writings and filters, in order to have a personal animated GIF in a few minutes.
  • GIFMaker.Me: very interesting and noteworthy site. GIFMaker.Me is characterized by offering users the possibility of organizing their work in a detailed way. And to get an idea about what you are doing. Unlike the other apps and sites mentioned so far, in fact, GIFMaker.Me has a “preview” function, which allows users to preview their GIF.
  • Between programs, applications and websites, creating an animated GIF has never been so simple. An easy and immediate action that anyone can perform without complications in a matter of minutes. Seeing is believing.

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    How to make an animated GIF for WhatsApp | style

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