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The wallpaper is one of the most important elements that we have in Android to give it a touch of personality to our device. If hardly anyone leaves the wallpaper that came standard on the phone, it must be for a reason, right?

Some use a photo of their loved ones, others download a wallpaper app for android (there are a lot and very good ones), and the most adventurous even go so far as to set up a 3D wallpaper with parallax effectwhich by the way, usually look spectacular.

How to make your own live wallpaper for Android

Of course, we can’t forget about the animated wallpapers, also known as “live wallpapers”. These backgrounds are different from the rest because they contain a small video sequence instead of using a static image.

Android has a lot of apps to download live wallpapersso if you don’t know what to put as wallpaper there you can find several interesting ideas. Now, if you already have a video that you would like to use as live wallpaper then you will have to set it yourself.

The Android system does not have any native function that allows us to convert videos into animated wallpapers, so it is necessary to install a dedicated tool that will take care of doing all the work.

There are several applications for create live wallpapers from videos. For this example I will use “Video Live Wallpaper Maker”, which is one of the most downloaded and highly rated tools by the Google Play community.

Once the application is installed on our mobile these are the steps we have to follow.

  • Open the Video Live Wallpaper Maker app.
  • The first time you open the app it will give you the option to choose between the free or paid version. Choose the free versionsince with that we have more than enough.
  • The first time he will also ask us to give him permissions to access storage of our device. This permission is necessary to be able to load the videos that we have in memory, so grant the requested access.
  • On the main screen of the app we will see a list with the videos that we have recorded with the camera. Select the video from here, or click on the 3-line icon that you will see in the upper right margin and click on “local videos” to see the complete list of all the videos you have on your mobile.
  • Select the video you want to use for your live wallpaper.
  • Here you will come across a couple of configuration options. Personally I recommend that you deactivate the audio, since having the video playing all the time in the background can be annoying. You also have the option of scale the video to adjust it to the format of your screen.
  • When you have everything ready, click on “Set as launcher wallpaper”.
  • Finally, click on “Set as wallpaper” and choose if you want to use the video only on the home screen or also on the lock screen of the phone.

Goal achieved! If we go back to the Android home screen we will see that we now have a beautiful live wallpaper created from our video.

Before closing the tutorial I would like to remind you that live wallpapers consume a lot of battery. In the end, they are still videos that are being played constantly, and that is something that will affect the autonomy of the device to a greater or lesser extent.

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How to make an animated wallpaper for Android – The Happy Android

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