How to train to work in an industry that is growing exponentially

Animation is a key element for the gamer industry (Credit: Adrián Escandar)

“New technologies such as virtual reality and concepts like metaverse they generate an infinite opportunity for those who want to develop in the field of videogames”. The phrase belongs to Roberto Benedetti, director of the Degree in Design and Digital Animation at Universidad Siglo 21.

The professional was one of the guests of Infobae Talks – Gamer Day and spoke of the tools that the degree provides for those people who intend to work in an increasingly relevant sector worldwide.

With four years of duration and the possibility of studying in person or remotely, the program addresses all the stages of an animation production: from the original idea to the delivery of the film in final qualitygoing through 3D modeling and the design of characters or settings, among other actions.

“Throughout the degree, students learn to master top-level software to produce animated films, visual effects, video game content or cinematics, What is the intermediate world between cinema and videogames?”, explains Benedetti.

Roberto Benedetti, director of the Lic. In Design and Digital Animation, told about what the training is like and what they can find in it.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the institution is committed to the constant redefinition of the way of incorporating knowledge thanks to technologies implemented in face-to-face and virtual classrooms. For example, it has state-of-the-art simulation and learning environments, such as space Experience 21 at its Córdoba Campus.

Along the same lines, the institution adopts a competency-based model: skills and knowledge integrated into action. This allows them to provide their students with a training that integrates knowing, being and doing as equally fundamental parts.

Once the Degree in Design and Digital Animation of the Siglo 21 University is finished, the graduates are in a position to integrate interdisciplinary teams related to the production of virtual images, social mediainteractive media and digital art.

They are also able to implement 3D element techniquescreate content for visual narrativesparticipate in the technical realization of animations and get involved in game or app developmentamong other activities.

With respect to work outputwhich is expanding, as Benedetti mentioned, it is possible to assert that some places where graduates of this career can work are studios or production companies for advertising, animation, film or architecture.

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“Throughout the degree, students learn to produce animated films, visual effects, video game content or cinematics,” says Benedetti (Credit: Adrián Escandar)

“We have many professors who work in video game studios and several students who do their professional internships there, but there is an endless range of other sectors because today there is no business that does without digital content, be it animations or creative spaces for the metaverse”, says the director of the race.

In the interview, he also maintains that virtual space offers room for everyone through the production of content by digital artists. With which, job opportunities are generated in different directions.

Benedetti points out that no prior knowledge required, one of the main fears when making the decision. According to him, it is possible to start from scratch and the fact of not having any particular talent linked to the industry is not relevant.

All those who are passionate about communication, art and technology will find in this Degree a program that will provide them with the necessary skills to creatively develop quality audiovisual productions.

who want learn more about this race and start the registration process They have the possibility of doing so through the institution’s website, where they can enter by doing click here.

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How to train to work in an industry that is growing exponentially

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