I have left the news and reality for after breakfast: clearing my mind with cartoons has made my life better (really)

The older we are, the more a certainty becomes clear: we have been taught to be boring adults. Home, work, car, a little while for your hobby and start over. And as a result of this boredom we tend to fall into the most absurd nostalgia: what existed when I was a child was indeed good. Movies like the old ones have never been made again! TV is not so good anymore! Cartoons from before were good! They are absolute no-brainers for us… Or maybe it’s just our prejudices?

toast and drawings

A few years ago, my day to day in the morning consisted of getting up, having breakfast while reading a couple of news newsletters, perhaps a morning show to wake up with music that I have not chosen. But the pandemic changed everything, like so many things. Knowing what was going on in the world was no longer a priority if I wanted to maintain mental health, so I turned to the only lifeboat left to bring back the good days: cartoons.

And suddenly, My life began to look a little happier. Instead of starting with news of wars, pandemics, deaths and catastrophes, it began with a talking Elmore cat and his fish stepbrother, three bears with not too good intentions, Pipimi and Popuko doing their thing or old Coyote and Road Runner shorts. Fun without complexes pairs incredibly well with rheum.

Pop Team Epic

Obviously I’m talking about adults without children, of course, life changes there. Done the disclaimer, you may think that you are already a full-fledged adult, you you already have serious concerns, you want to start the day checking the mail, reading the online newspaper or listening to a podcast. You don’t have time for cartoons. No ten-minute episodes, no nothing. But, even for a little while in the morning while we eat toast or cookies and take the first sips of coffee, and whenever our family obligations allow us, getting in touch with our inner child (and not so child) gives you incredible peace of mind. Fiance.

Don’t get caught watching cartoons!

There is a sector of the population determined to believe that getting older means being someone serious and respectable, without doing nonsense. But frankly It means doing what you really want. Who is going to judge you at home for having a croissant for breakfast watching ‘Steven Universe’? Start the day by greeting the funny adult What you have inside there is nothing wrong with it.

Gravity Falls

The value of a good laugh or an adventure before having to put up with subways, traffic or clients demanding results is something that is less considered than it should be. And cartoons give us something that live action shows can’t: the game with impossibility, the most impossible absurdity, extreme visual compositions halfway between the dreamlike and the real. ‘The amazing world of Gumball’for example, offers you the experience that no sitcom can, squeezing the format and analyzing it to the last consequences, such as a lesson in caged pop culture in twelve minutes of absolute semi-abstract chaos.

The time will come for that email you don’t want to answer, those news from the end of the world, those adult obligations. But refusing to start the day with a smile is a decision that can be changed. For now, the most important thing is to defeat that villain from the Grand Line, ride a roller coaster while improvising a musical or find out what is hidden behind that mysterious door of Uncle Stan’s. It’s been a long time since cartoons have surpassed in narrative, quality and influence the ones you used to see when you were a kid. Denying it is promoting audiovisual blindness.

Where do I begin?

suddenly face a medium as crowded as animation can suddenly be overwhelmingand more if through the influence of your children you know yourself from cover to cover ‘The paw patrol’ and the rest of the products with which many believe that they can encapsulate series that do not deserve it, such as ‘Gravity falls’‘Hilda’, ‘Shera’‘Kid Cosmic’, ‘primal’ or ‘The owl house’. Even if you’re feeling adventurous you can take the ultimate leap into anime with ‘Chainsaw man’‘Pop team epic’ or ‘Spy x Family’. Of course, by variety that is not.

Personally, in the last few months I have re-embarked on the definitive piece of pop culture: ‘One piece’. Knowing that every morning the adventure between coffee, orange juice and a couple of pieces of fruit will continue, without knowing when or how it will end, seems absolutely fabulous to me. Putting your head in order by following Luffy’s journey (for at least the next five years) is both therapeutic and fun.

And listen, chances are you’re reading this thinking about “the infantilization of society” or trifles of those that they make us believe to justify us being sad adults. Forget the “animation genre” and enjoy the many genres that have been created under the same medium. There is a perfect series for you. You just need to find it (if you dare).

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I have left the news and reality for after breakfast: clearing my mind with cartoons has made my life better (really)

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