Information | Cartoons and animations about psychological problems –

Information | Cartoons and animations about psychological problems

The Knowledge Center for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, in collaboration with the Trimbos Institute, has added new visual stories to the information material for young people about common psychological problems. Previously, cartoons and animations were already available about ADHD, depression, autism, behavioral disorders and trauma; now two visual stories have been added about children of parents with psychological problems (KOPP) and children of parents with an addiction (KOV).

Information material about serious psychological problems is often too complex for young people who are low literate and young people who are new to the Netherlands, such as refugees. Knowledge Center for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. “Some of them have limited health literacy. That is, they have difficulty obtaining, understanding and applying health information. They often have insufficient command of the language to understand complex information about health, illness and care. In addition, they do not know their way through the Dutch healthcare system sufficiently.”

“This is all the more poignant because, due to their living conditions, they run a greater risk of psychological problems. Think of the exposure to traumatic events prior to and during their flight, and the often stressful circumstances during the asylum application.” The Knowledge Center therefore developed comprehensible information material for this target group about common mental problems, in the form of cartoons and animations. This information material can be used in general practices, schools, neighborhood teams and youth care, among others. It is also suitable for parents with a limited command of the Dutch language. To make the material accessible to as many people as possible, there are several versions in four different languages: Dutch, Polish, Tigrinya and Arabic.


With the recent expansion of the cartoons, information is now also available for young people with vulnerable parents. The stories help children and young people to better understand mental illnesses and addiction problems in their parents and get information about how to seek help. Knowledge Center for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: “The new cartoons and animations are handy tools to use in practice. They give young people recognition, so that they no longer have to feel alone or guilty. The young person sees a situation in which a parent has psychological problems or an addiction. Parents and young people receive tips on how to deal with their situation. After seeing the cartoons, they know who to turn to.”

More information about the new cartoons that have been added can be found in this news item. Or go directly to it full range of cartoons and animations at the Knowledge Center for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

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Information | Cartoons and animations about psychological problems –

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