Jack Quaid Gives Details About Star Trek’s Live-Action/Animation Crossover

Known for being the protagonist of The Boys, Jack Quaid also participates in Star Trek: Lower Decks and wanted to talk about the Star Trek crossover in which he will participate

Generally, when we’ve been talking about crossovers within the same franchise, we usually deal with comics, within a publisher itself as has already been seen in the cinema with the adaptations. However, the franchises that are born entirely in the cinema or on television They have also seen crossovers between series from the same creators or from the same universe, but it was not something so usual.

For today we have to try one of the sci-fi universes that has achieved more fans throughout the world and seriously rivals Star Wars. We are talking about Star Trek, a franchise that has to his credit a wide variety of series of television, in addition to several films, but today we have to make a stop at the series, since it seems that two of which are currently airing will have a crossover.

The two series involved in the franchise are currently airing, being one of them animated, Star Trek: Lower Decks, and the other live action, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. both series have been very well received by fansso much so that it was announced that there would be a crossover for the second season of the series in real action, and one of those involved, Jack Quaid, wanted to give details of how this has been experienced.

Star Trek: Lower Decks and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, a crossover they did not expect

Must get in position before in order to deal with this issue. Via an interview conducted in Varietythe actor who voices Boimler’s character, seems to has given some details about how they have been performing This crossing. Let us remember that in the series in which she participates, she only gives her voice to the character and now it seems that there will be a crossover between said characters and the real characters of the other series, something that could catch by surprise for a franchise like Star Trek.

Despite all this, the actor has commented that all the protagonists have physically been on the ship Enterprisesince, without giving many details about it, they had to be physically on the set of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds to be able to act accordingly with the distribution, although later they are replaced by drawings. Quaid’s words indicate that they have had to interact with various characters in the cast, something similar to what was seen in Roger Rabbit.

Jack Quaid - Star Trek

If you remember with what happened in the animated series, it is true that several of the characters in the live-action series are known to Boimler and his companions. This is a unique experience for them and makes them want to meet you. Along with all this, it was also confirmed that Jonathan Frakes will be the one to direct this chapter, something that Quaid has also highlighted for being able to work with him in all of this, after what it meant for Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Mixing real action and animation, something nothing new but functional

We have already mentioned it through the previous text, since the fusion of animation with live action is something that has been raised on more than one occasion. They are two ways of presenting a story that can marry very well if everything is fully justified, something that seems more than proven, according to the testimony of Jack Quaidfor the Star Trek franchise.

Currently, the animated series in which Quaid participates is in its second seasonwhile in the series where this crossover will take place, it will have a place in the second season that has to be released next 2023. It will be at that time where everything that the actor has been commenting on will take place and surely we are quite surprised with the final result. Do you want it to arrive now?

Jack Quaid - Star Trek

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Jack Quaid Gives Details About Star Trek’s Live-Action/Animation Crossover

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