Jorge Perugorría will be a “Caribbean Rasputin” in the animated series TITOVERSE

Jorge Perugorria will be a Caribbean Rasputin in the animated

The Serie TITOVERSEcreated, co-written and directed by Daniel Martin Subiaut, co-produced with the ICAIC Animation Studios, continues to add luxury guests, and this time, a unique character from the story will arrive with the voice of the renowned Cuban actor Jorge Perugorria.

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The protagonist of emblematic films such as Strawberry and Chocolate, Guantanamera, Y vertical love, and who is also a filmmaker and plastic artist, learned about this project thanks to Daniel Martin Subiaut and immediately, he loved the idea of ​​working for children and young people.

“For me it is always very interesting to work with children, it is something that I have done little in my career, but I have always been very curious about the actors who are dedicated to doing animation and this type of work,” he told Art for Excellences.

“I have had few opportunities, once I worked with (John) Padronin Vampires in Havana, the second part, and now, more than 20 years later, I am part of this project”, he enthused.

According to Perugorria, Martin Subiaut you he talked about the character of Tito and the whole story, as well as the cast of iconic Cuban actresses and actors. He stated: “There is a wonderful cast. Being part of that cast and being part of this project seemed very interesting to me.”

About his participation in the series, he said: “I am going to play a very particular character who is Rasputin, the monk from the time of the tsars who came to have so much power and influence over the tsars, that he went down in history as a mystical man. , seductive, quite a character, and he really is very funny, a well-known character in history, characteristic, and we are here doing this rasputin Caribbean, Cuban, let’s see what comes out”.


“It is always a challenge”, he indicated, “each project, each job is a challenge, but it is also an experience and the experiences are always enriching for oneself, and then reaching the children, which is always very nice and rarely I have done in my career. Both times, both with the vampires and Juan Padronand now with Daniel, I am very happy”.

detailed to Excellencies that a series in which he participates recently came out and that the target audience is young people. her name is “The last”the first Spanish series of Disney+ and which premiered on December 2, 2022. The Cuban actress also works in it Maria Isabel Diaz Lago.



The Cuban-Mexican character of TITUS REACTS It will arrive in a second season to encourage children and young people to discover history and culture. Tito will return as a 15-year-old teenager, accompanied by unique guests.

In addition to Perugorría, brilliant personalities such as: Isabel Santos, Osvaldo Doimeadiós, Luis Alberto García, Paula Ali, Corina Mestre, Rigoberto Ferrera, Rubén Breña, Aramís Delgado, Carlos Enrique Almirante, Luis Silva, Yeny Soria, Carlos Luis González, Tahimí Alvariño, Edesio Alejandro, Ulises González, Lezvy Samper , Marino Luzardo, among others.

Although it does not have an official release date, TITOVERSE It promises to be a fun reunion with the popular Tito, who will see his first season premiere on January 28 at the Havana channelin greeting to the 170th anniversary of the birth of Jose Marti and the seventeenth of the founding of the canal.

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Daniel Martin Subiaut and Jorge Perugorría during the recording of TITOVERSE

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Jorge Perugorría will be a “Caribbean Rasputin” in the animated series TITOVERSE

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