Learn to make animated transitions with 2D illustration and After Effects

With this Domestika course You will learn to create organic and fluid animated transitions from scratch by playing with colors, shapes, textures, patterns, and timing using analog and digital techniques.

Would you like to create expressive and fun animations from scratch? Well-known illustrator and animator Yukai Du will walk you through the process from start to finish. yukai has created motion graphics abstract and eye-catching for clients like The New YorkerSpotify, Adobe or Apple.

For this purpose, in this course on-line You will use analog and digital techniques and you will learn to look for inspiration in simple elements such as color, shape or texture. Get ready to set yourself apart by creating your own organic and fluid animations!

If you want to learn more with Yukai, take a look at his first course at Domestika: Hand-Drawn Digital Animation – Bring Your Illustrations to Life.

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What will you learn in this online course?

To begin with, Yukai Du, your teacher, will introduce herself and tell you about her career. In addition, she will reveal her influences and her most significant sources of inspiration.

Next, you will make a series of thumbnails on paper with the aim of visualizing the concept of a text or word in various ways. After the previous exercise, Yukai will teach you how to use the storyboarding and move from one scene to another. By the end of the unit, you’ll put it all into practice and start working on longer animations.

So, you will experiment with various styles and colors in digital format. To do this, Yukai will show you how to relate two scenes through various combinations of the same color palette. In addition, it will teach you to analyze and adjust your images, using basic shapes as a guide, and to plan the transition between them. You will end the unit by seeing the amount of detail needed in the pre-production phase.

Finally, you’ll explore the potential of frame rate, duration, and speed to create unique transitions. Before saying goodbye, Yukai will show you how to enrich and stylize your work with the final touches.

what is the project of the course?

You will perform three clips shorts with After Effects and Animate in which you will show a range of transition techniques.

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Who is this online course for?

For anyone who wants to explore the animated world of transitions.

requirements and materials

To take this course, you will need basic drawing skills and a computer with After Effects, Animate, and a drawing program such as Photoshop.

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about yukaidu

Yukai Du is a Chinese-born illustrator and animator based in London, UK. At just fifteen years old, she enrolled in the Guangdong Academy of Fine Arts and trained in sculpture, acrylic work, still life rendering, and pencil drawing. After finishing this formative journey, she continued to study Animation in an institution where she was able to put into practice her knowledge of traditional art. It was then that she discovered her passion for making illustrations and animations that looked like they were done by hand; in fact, she moved to London to pursue a master’s degree in that subject.

Once he obtained his certification, he began working in various studios in the United Kingdom, such as MIE or Bliink. Since then, she has collaborated as freelancing with clients of the size of The New YorkerSpotify, Guardian, MTV, Adobe, Apple or WeTransfer. Among other accolades, his work has won the Adobe Design Awards and the 3 × 3 International Illustration Awards.


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Learn to make animated transitions with 2D illustration and After Effects

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