List of video game adaptations that await us in the future

The evening announcement of the God of War series was unexpected, although some sources spoke about it as early as March 2022. Work on the show is already underway, but there are no details. So for us, this is a great way to remember what movies, anime and series based on our favorite video games are waiting for us in the foreseeable future.


  • Borderlands. Eli Roth worked on the film, but for some reason nothing has been heard from him for a year

  • Gears of Warfor the main role in which they simply must take Dave Bautista

  • full length bioshock by Francis Lawrence. Coming to Netflix

  • And in a year we are waiting for a domestic film adaptation Metro 2033

  • The Division from Netflix with Gyllenhaal who got lost somewhere

  • The same can be said about Sniper Elite from the director of “San Andreas”

  • Christoph Hans will start filming Silent Hill next year

  • But Gran Turismo already filming

  • Another Sony game – Days Gone there will also be a movie

  • But Metal Gear Solid Jordan Vogt-Roberts with Oscar Isaac gave off the production run

  • The same can be said for the sequel. Tomb Raider – he became a victim of producers and showdown studios

  • Screen adaptation Ghost of Tsushima gave to Chad Stahelski, who promised a Japanese cast

  • Other creators of “John Wick” will Streets of Rage

  • Sequel Mortal Kombat in work but not very active

  • And here is the sequel Uncharted not officially announced, although there were talks about it and all the prerequisites were created

  • 86 minute Super Mario Bros. The movie will be released April 7th.

  • I will add more Serious Samalthough here rather Alexander Nevsky wants more than others

  • Triquel Sonic The Hedgehog will also be after the success of the second film

Also not taken into account are films based on CrossFire, Firewatch, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Just Cause, Minecraft, and even Beyond Good & Evil, whose fate is no better than the game’s sequel.


Animation shows

  • Gears of War. Animated show that is not related to the film

  • Animated Assassin’s Creed will also be released on Netflix, no news

  • Second season Arcane we are looking forward to

  • Splinter Cell filmed by the team of Derek Kolstad, but it will still be an animation for Netflix

  • Sonic Prime Releases December 15th at 11:00am on Netflix

  • By Grounded about mini-humans there will be a show from the scriptwriter of “The Clone Wars”

  • cuphead seems to be getting a third season of the animated show

  • Anime by Nier: Automata will be released in January

This list does not include animated Dragon Age, which was released on Netflix last week, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Sleeping Dogs with Donnie Yen, which disappeared from the radar, Hunt Showdown from Binge and several other promising projects. In addition, there are no franchises under which the rights are acquired, but it is too early to talk about the beginning of some kind of production.

If suddenly something in this list turned out to be lost, write in the comments.

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List of video game adaptations that await us in the future

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