Little Animation Festival between San Vito and Portogruaro | Friuli

On Friday 18 November, the Piccolo Festival of animation doubles and touches San Vito al Tagliamento and the nearby Portogruaro. At 11 in the Council Chamber of Portogruaro there will be a meeting with some guest authors of the festival: Beatrice Pucci, Michele Bernardi, Roberto Paganelli and Mauro Carraro.

Following at 12 at the Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art “Ai Molini” in Portogruaro there will be a guided tour of the “15+1” exhibition dedicated to the authorial world of animated short films created by the Porto dei Benandanti Association in collaboration with the Viva Comix Association of Pordenone, as part of the 15th edition of the Piccolo Festival dell’Animazione.

Here 15 authors exhibit their most recent film production with didactic materials taken mainly from the book/DVD “Animazioni 6” edited by Paola Bristot together with Andrea Martignoni and Roberto Paganelli (Viva Comix and Ottomani editions). They are Michele Bernardi, Lucia Bulgheroni, Mauro Carraro, Roberto Catani, Michelangelo Fornaro, Vincenzo Gioanola, Igor Imhoff, Lorenzo Latrofa, Manfredo Manfredi, Andrea Martignoni with Maria Steinmetz, Massimo Ottoni, Beatrice Pucci, Francesco Rosso, Donato Sansone, Martina Scarpelli .

They are authors with experience gained in various fields and with diversified expressive techniques, from analogue to digital, from hand drawing to rotoscope and stop-motion and, in addition to watching short films and biographical notes, it will be possible to test some moments of their production, through original drawings, puppets and study frames. In the second mill there is also the documentation of a collective project of considerable importance “Re-cycling”, in which 10 international authors were confronted with the traditional technique of drawing directly on film, coordinated by the artistic direction of Paola Bristot.

At 2.30 pm we return to the Auditorium of San Vito al Tagliamento with the Anima Young section, the shorts made by the students of national and international Art Academies and Institutes, including the Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation, the Centro Sperimentale of Cinematography of Turin, the Estonian Academy of Arts, Budapest Metropolitan University and the nearby University of Nova Gorica School of Arts, while at 6 pm the Visual & Music section will be screened, the section with animations where the link between image and music is strong with 18 titles. Following presentations and dialogue with the guest illustrators: Filippo Ravaglioli, Alessandro Baronciani, Claudio Tacchi, Elisa Fabris (Elisetta).

At 9 pm it will be the turn of the screenings of the second tranche of films of the Main Competition. In the PFA HUB space instead between 4 and 6 pm registrations are open for the workshop of Miloš Tomic, one of the international guests of the eclectic Serbian animator festival who has shot over 60 short films screened at numerous festivals and represented Serbia at the Venice Biennale in 2013, intended for an audience of authors, art and cinema students and animation enthusiasts. Participation is free but reservations are required (15 seats available) and music starts from 11pm with the dj set by Eva Poles of Prozac+.

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Little Animation Festival between San Vito and Portogruaro | Friuli

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