Little Demon on Disney+: this completely crazy animated series should not be put in front of your children

A new animated series with a very offbeat tone, “Little Demon” landed on Disney+ on January 18th. But his trashy humor is not at all suitable for a young audience. We explain why.

Recommended for over 18s.

Launched on January 18, Little Demon can arouse curiosity if only for its title (“little demon” in French) which we might find cute. But make no mistake, the animated series is not absolutely suitable for a young audience.

Indeed, we follow the adventures of Chrissy (Lucy DeVito), a 13-year-old teenager who lives alone with her mother Laura (Aubrey Plaza). They have been moving from town to town since the birth of Chrissy, who finds it difficult to have no roots.

Freshly settled in Delaware to (again) start a new life, everything changes the day Chrissy arrives at high school, which corresponds to her first day of puberty. The event triggers another, supernatural, namely the activation of the powers of Chrissy who is none other than the daughter of Satan (Danny DeVito)!

Why children would want to see it

Not easy in the position of parents to distinguish among the plethoric offer of cartoons what is suitable for children or not. And the pitch of Little Demon is not the most explicit to warn them about the nature of the series. Indeed, it is presented as follows:

Thirteen years after being impregnated by the Devil himself, a mother and her daughter try to live an ordinary life in Delaware. Their plans are constantly thwarted by diabolical forces orchestrated by Satan, who yearns to take the teenage girl’s soul.

Reading these few lines, one might think that this is a story that could suit a young audience since we are told of a mother-daughter alliance against evil forces. After all why not ? Except that it is nothing!

Little Demon on Disney this completely crazy animated series should
FX Productions / Disney+

Why is Little Demon not at all suitable for your children?

  • To begin with, Disney+ clearly indicates on its platform that the series is aimed at an adult audience by giving it the “18+” classification. Additionally, they refer to the series as “comical” AND “horrific“. And to describe Chrissy as a “antichrist girl who just discovered her demonic powers“.
  • From the opening minutes, the series is pretty explicit about its tone and intentions. We discover Laura 13 years earlier, pregnant and about to give birth. The contractions and associated pains are not toned down. Above all, she shows herself ready to kill the unborn child when we see a small hand pushing her belly. Realizing that she has a seemingly ordinary baby girl, she decides to keep her.
  • If you still doubt the depiction of violence, one scene in particular helps to clear things up. By the time Chrissy has her first period, she becomes possessed. Her eyes turn black, but above all, to save a high school friend who is being attacked by two bullies, she blows up their skulls and then their entire bodies. Blood and viscera are then scattered in the room.

Later, when she goes to hell to meet her father – Satan, but who keeps a human appearance – she is surrounded by all kinds of horrible creatures. We also have the right to a scene of nudity with Laura for a satanic ritual where she must commit suicide to save her daughter in hell.

  • Another important point: the language. Chrissy is at the awkward age where we confront parents. She does not go by the back of the spoon when she argues with her mother and even goes so far as to insult her.

As you will have understood, Little Demon is a series with a completely crazy and offbeat tone. And the only person it is for is you, an adult person!

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Little Demon on Disney+: this completely crazy animated series should not be put in front of your children

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