Louis’ Shoes. Great animated movie about autism

Last updated on January 12, 2022

Les Chaussures de Louis is a favorite. This is a very beautiful animated film which deals with the problem of autism at school. This 3D animated short is great in more ways than one. It offers a child-level approach to the perception of an autistic child on their first day at a new school. Pretty, sensitive, moving, a short film on autism that deserves to be known and widely distributed.

An animated short film on autism for all audiences

Louis, an 8 and a half year old autistic child arrives at his new school and will have to appear in front of the class. This is the starting point of this short five-minute animated film on autism. A delicate moment for all the children which here takes on a very special dimension for little Louis. In the film, Louis will share in the first person singular his very particular perception of the world around him and his singular landmarks which revolve around… his blue shoes.

The movie has the effect of tricking you into slipping into those little shoes. To see the world as some autistic children see it. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is essential to understanding others. Les Chaussures de Louis is an autism short that seeks to do just that, telling its story through the eyes of a young boy with autism in hopes of raising awareness and touching viewers.

“At the time, I didn’t yet know that I had autism. But being different from others is no more bizarre than wanting to fit into a mould” Louis.

Confused by the ritual of waving hello and having an aversion to eye contact, will his classmates accept Louis for who he is? Or will they run away from him and his size 33 blue shoes? I let you discover it by watching the film in its entirety at the end of this article.

A real documentary and artistic work to raise awareness about autism

Louis’s shoes is a short animated film about autism directed by four students of the MoPA school, Kayu Leung, Marion Philippe, Théo Jamin and Jean-Géraud Blanc. Congratulations to all four for this wonderful work. A remarkable work with an animated film of great plastic beauty and a careful narration which required a real investigation to bring their main character to life.

autism short film

The authors have thus took the time to investigate, listen and collect the testimonies and daily experiences of people with autism. A dive into real life before switching to this fiction on autism which has documentary value.

This animated film about autism was selected at over 60 festivals internationally and garnered numerous awards. It is deserved.
It’s also an excellent educational tool for learning about certain types of autism and looking at other little Louis.

Watch the movie :

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Louis’ Shoes. Great animated movie about autism

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