Luck, Unlucky and Simon Pegg in Luck, new Apple TV+ animation

In the new Apple TV+ animation, luck, an unlucky teenager wreaks havoc in the Land of Luck, a hidden universe where luck and misfortune are produced and distributed around the world, unbeknownst to humans. The concept itself, driven similarly to animations like Inside Out and soul, is filled with creative, well-established rules, norms that Eva, our protagonist, has to deal with. To introduce all this – and help, of course, create chaos as well – our guide to Lucky Land is Bob, a grumpy Scottish cat played by Simon Pegg.

Familiar with the world of animation, having recently spearheaded a spin-off of his character in the Ice Age, The Adventures of Buck WildPegg returns to the animated universe in a cast also made up of names such as Whoppi Goldberg and Jane Fonda, a line-up that even encouraged him to join the project. In an interview with OmeletPegg recalls being on the set of Mission Impossible when he received the script, and accepted the production when he discovered the actresses involved.

“As soon as I heard Jane was involved, and Whoopi was involved, it was an immediate yes”, recalled Pegg. The concept itself – and its character – drew attention for its gracefulness. “It struck me as a very creative and sweet concept, and the idea of ​​playing a Scottish black cat was very appealing to me.”, it says. On the theme of the project, luck, misfortune, and the need for mutual existence between the two concepts, Pegg spoke about the fluidity between these definitions, seeing the theme of the feature in her own life:

“Sitting here, being in a job that I love, traveling the world and making movies like this, every bit of bad luck I’ve had has helped me get to this point, so I can only look back and see it all as luck. It’s a good way to look at bad luck. As an opportunity and not a setback […] In that sense I think luck is something that we control, it’s not something that has control over us”.

To complete a skeptical speech, Pegg reiterated his lack of belief in luck and misfortune in a speech similar to Bob’s grumpy rant. “Many of the superstitions we have are based on facts. The reason you don’t go under the stairs is not because it will bring you bad luck, but because things can fall on you.”, it says. “I’m 52, I’ve grown up enough to understand this is bullshit”he added.

Bob, Gary King and Simon Pegg

In all this context, however, the surprising part is that Pegg identifies with the character of Bob, and compares the Scottish black cat to one of his most iconic characters, Gary King, in the film. hangover heroes (or World’s Endin its original title much better). “Bob and Gary are two characters who wear a mask and have a lot going on behind them, and they don’t let you see that until a certain pivotal moment in the movie.”, he says. A third comparison also exists between Bob, Gary and Pegg himself, who finds in both characters a vulnerability particular:

“There’s something very sweet about the sense that all your grumpy and unwillingness to relate to other people comes from a place of vulnerability. It’s not because he’s mean or cruel, it’s because he’s protecting himself in reality. And I understand that, I relate to the feeling of preserving oneself to the extreme. But I also know what it means to let go of it, to open up to other people. Loving, helping and how it changes your life for good.”

Directed by Peggy Holmes (Tinker Bell – The Fairy Secret), luck count with Gregory Duvivier in the role of Bob in the dubbed version and is now available on Apple TV+.

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Luck, Unlucky and Simon Pegg in Luck, new Apple TV+ animation

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