Marmaduke a great animated film to follow with the family

The animated film Marmaduke, based on the manga of the same name, arrives on the Netflix streaming platform this Friday, May 6.

This film which is not the original version, but which was taken over by an American giant is to be seen with the family. The Netflix streaming platform offers Marmaduke, an animated film.

What is the film about

This is the story of a dog named Marmaduke. He has a big heart, but he can’t get away with it. Messy and naughty, he’s teamed up with a legendary dog ​​trainer to prove he could be the first Great Dane to win a trophy at the prestigious dog show, the Westminster Champion Contest.

Marmaduke is based on a newspaper cartoon created by Brad Anderson in 1954. This cartoon still exists today. Although distributed by netflixMarmaduke is not the product of the streaming platform.

Produced by StoryBerry and Legacy Classics. The film has been in the works for quite some time and its release date has been delayed several times.

Who lends his voice to the Great Dane?

Marmaduke animated films are designed for everyone, so the whole family can watch them together. It lasts 1 hour 28 minutes. In the original version, comedian and SNL veteran Pete Davidson plays the role of the Great Dane.

The duration of the film should please him. Thanks to a joke from the Saturday Night Live Show, Netflix was able to create a new category. In response to the comedian’s hilarious clips, Netflix management decided to add a category to the platform called “Short Ass Movies”.

That includes all movies that are around 1:30 to 1:40 in length. So Marmaduke has to fit in there much to Pete Davidson’s delight.

Marmaduke Film Cast

Directed by Mark AZ and co-directed by Matt Whelan, Phil Nibbelink and Youngki Lee, Marmaduke’s artistic cast also includes Pete Davidson, JK Simmons, David Koechner and Brian Hull. Animation provided by Storyberry Inc. This film is not the first time a cartoon has been drawn. In fact, 20th Century Fox already released a hybrid film in 2010.

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Pete Davidson as the clumsy Great Dane, the main character, Mamaduke

JK Simmons plays Zeus, the selfish Afghan Hound, Marmaduke’s nemesis.

David Koechner as Phil Winslow, head of the Winslow family and owner of the Marmaduke. Brian Hull as Guy Hilton, greedy dog ​​trainer, Erin Fitzgerald as Barbara Winslow, Erin Fitzgerald Dottie and Phil’s teenage daughter

Julie Nathanson Dottie Winslow as the head of the Winslow family and Phil’s wife

Terry Douglas as Billy, Dottie and Phil’s youngest son. Mary Hart Entertain Mutt Tonight as Host, Shelby Young as Shantelle, Marmaduke’s lover, the pink French poodle, Stephen Stanton as King Tut, a Siamese cat giving advice to Mamaduke.


On October 23, 2017, it was announced that a CGI film Marmaduke, written by Byron Kavanagh and directed by Mark AZ, was in development. Dippé will be produced with Dan Chuba, Matthew Joynes and Simon Crowe. In 2018, Andrews McMeel announced the participation of Pete Davidson as Marmaduke, JK Simmons as Marmaduke’s rival Zeus, and David Koechner as Phil Winslow.

Animation for the film was provided by WonderWorld Studios, Dippé’s company, which now has facilities in Toronto, Shanghai and Seoul, under the name StoryBerry, with major production by Legacy Classics in Los Angeles.

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Marmaduke a great animated film to follow with the family

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