Marvel’s Hit-Monkey – Review of the new exuberant animated series

Are you looking for a light story, full of action, revenge, mysteries and blood to no end? Then you have arrived at the right review, Marvel’s Hit-Monkey has all these features, with the addition of a monkey in a suit and tie as a very stylish protagonist John Wick.

A story of revenge

The plot opens with Bryce Fowler, a professional assassin hired to kill Ken Takahara, a much-loved Japanese political candidate, as he prepares his coup. From the first moments you notice the arrogant character of the man who, despite completing everything with professionalism and seriousness, does not spare himself a dig and some insult to anyone around him. In any case, the heist succeeds, and everything seems to be going well, with Bryce quietly returning to his homeland to enjoy his money and relax.

But of course not everything will go smoothly. In fact, some men belonging to the special forces capture the murderer and make him understand how they were hired, probably by the same people, to kill him, so that he never traces back to the instigator of the murder. But Bryce manages to escape and take refuge in the mountains together with a tribe of Japanese macaques, where he will meet a monkey who will become his partner in a story of revenge and mysteries.

Tamarro, exaggerated and funny, but not for everyone

History, as is easily understood, is based on comics by Daniel Way first released in 2011, and the plot is followed quite closely. The title is a clear pun based on “Hitman”, but, in addition to the well-known video game series, the series has taken the most characteristic parts of many other sagas, such as Kill Bill or Duke Nukemincorporating them into the characters of Bryce and Monkey, making our protagonists a duo not only lethalbut also very funny to see and hear.

The storyline doesn’t have a huge depth behind it, and you certainly won’t find who knows what original and new moral teaching within it, but that, coupled with Bryce’s very straightforward comedy, makes the show great for relaxing and unplug for a moment, perhaps after a long and busy day, or to see in the background while you are doing something else. But be careful not to confuse lightness as a reason to be seen by anyone, why It is not so.

Marvel's Hit-Monkey

The series in fact is tremendously splatter, and he never spares himself from showing gushes of blood, leaping limbs, or torture of various kinds on people or animals; and although being an animated series makes everything “less realistic”, it could still be strong for people who are perhaps more sensitive to the subject. But if this does not bother you then you will surely enjoy the many action scenes that have been done really well, and manage to put adrenaline in the viewer until the end.

Without major flaws

As you may have guessed from the rest of the review, Hit-Monkey has a formula quite basicbased, in style Deadpool, on spectacular action, cheap humor, and lots of different targets to take down. This makes it very simple on the whole, but it also allows authors to make mistakes much more rarely since something too sophisticated is not expected. We have not in fact found many defects in these ten episodes.

Marvel's Hit-Monkey

The animations that made us turn up our noses the most were the animations that, if as we said before during the action scenes were done extremely well and make everything very pleasant to watch, there were more occasions, especially in more situations. “Quiet” or in long shots, in which they weren’t fluid at allindeed, the characters seemed almost skidding on the ground. In general, however, it was not a big problem and it did not affect the viewing of the show too badly.

Final thoughts

So let’s conclude this review: Marvel’s Hit-Monkey it’s a series exaggerated and funny, suitable and recommended for all those looking for something light to look at to relax or to put in the background. Sometimes there are not perfect animations, but the action scenes are done well, even if they are not for everyone, especially if you do not hold up very well blood, shooting and katana cuts. The series will be released on the Disney + il platform January 26.


  • Marvel’s Hit-Monkey

    7.5Total Score

    The series is very fun and light, suitable for a quiet evening in which to relax. The plot is not original, but it takes heavily from more famous sagas like Kill Bill, exposing its most iconic qualities. The scenes are very splatter and full of action and fights both in gunfire and the sword. We encountered some animation that didn’t quite convince us, but overall we liked it.

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Marvel’s Hit-Monkey – Review of the new exuberant animated series

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