Mónica Rouanet, Men Marías, drawing and animation film in Granada Noir

The eighth edition of the Granada Noir festival, sponsored by Cervezas Alhambra, continues this Tuesday, November 14, starting early in the morning with a busy program of activities. It will start at 10:00 a.m. at the IES Veleta institute, with a meeting between the students of the center, which has an important program to encourage reading thanks to its teacher Purificación Manzano, with the writer Mónica Rouanet.

At 10:30 am, Granada Noir disembarks at the Science Park, with a morning dedicated to ‘Science noir for students’. This activity is organized by the Network Engineering & Security Group Research Group of the University of Granada and the Department of Citizen Participation of the Granada National Police. Speakers: José Antonio Gómez Hernández, from the ETS Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering of the UGR and Andrés Bermejo Macías, provincial delegate of Citizen Participation of the National Police.

Singular Meeting Noir Cervezas Alhambra with Mónica Rouanet

At 1:00 pm, at the Gran-Café BibRambla, the author Mónica Rouanet will talk with the writer from Granada May R. Ayamonte about her most recent novel, ‘Nada importante’. The book is set in Madrid in the 1990s, where a young woman manages to survive what appears to be a brutal attack of gender violence. The press and public opinion echoed the news and, for days, nothing else was talked about. There are even those who claim that she was asking for it.

When she finally wakes up from her coma, Minerva remembers absolutely nothing, not even her assailant who, from that moment on, will mingle with her closest friends to become her shadow and stay by her side for years waiting, despite the changes. social networks, the opportune moment to finish your ‘self-order’. But have things changed as much as we think? Has society finally stopped judging women who suffer attacks of this type? Both writers will talk about all this. The special tapa created by the Gran Café BibRambla to share with Cervezas Alhambra Singular will be ‘Where there is hummus there is fire’.

Extension of Granada Noir to the province with Diputación

The novelist and poet Alejandro Pedregosa will be at 5:30 p.m. at the Elena Martín Vivaldi Municipal Library in Cenes de la Vega to talk with the public thanks to the spread of Granada Noir throughout the province, thanks to the Diputación. An accomplished poet, novelist and short story writer, he studied Hispanic Philology and Theory of Literature. In 2018 he received the Andalusia Critics Award for his book of short stories ‘O’. His collections of poems include Los labios celestes (2007), with which he won the Arcipreste de Hita Award, ‘Small biography of light’ (2019) and ‘Mud’ (2021). With his first book of children’s poetry, ‘Family Album’ (2020) he won the Ciudad de Orihuela Award. In 2004, a jury chaired by Josefina Aldecoa awarded him the José Saramago Short Novel Award for ‘Paisaje quebrado’. His latest novels to date are ‘Hotel Mediterráneo’ (2015) and ‘It’s always summer’ (2022).

Palace of Counts of Gabia

At 7:00 p.m., at the Palacio de Condes de Gabia, Granada writers Men Marías and María Jesús Peregrín will talk with Granada cultural journalist Daniel Rodríguez Moya. Men Marías will talk about her most recent book, ‘La última paloma’, a best-selling thriller that is set in Rota and revolves around the long shadow of the United States military base. María Jesús Peregrín, for her part, will present ‘El límite de Roche’. It is a police plot in which a prestigious perfumer in Florence is involved, because the plot takes place between Florence and Pisa.

At 8:00 p.m., at the Palacio de Condes de Gabia, ‘Devils creators!’, a conversation between the animation filmmaker Manuel Sicilia and the cartoonist Chema García, led by Gustavo Gómez, about their collaboration on ‘Poor Devil’ , the first HBO Europe animated series, with an imminent release.

‘Poor Devil’ has been made in Madrid and Granada, at the Rokyn Animation studios directed by Manuel Sicilia. Along with him, Chema García, one of the cartoonists from Granada who has participated in the series and who was also part of the team for ‘El laberinto de las tortugas’, which won the Goya for best animated feature film. Both creators will tell how they have dealt with their different projects throughout their careers and will explain details and details of the filming of ‘Poor Devil’.

The Granada Noir Festival

Granada Noir is a popular multidisciplinary festival dedicated to the noir and police genre, launched in 2015 by Gustavo Gómez and Jesús Lens and sponsored by Cervezas Alhambra and in collaboration with the Granada City Council, Granada Provincial Council, Junta de Andalusia, Granada Metro, University of Granada, Science Park, French Alliance of Granada, Sport Automoción-Hyundai, Picasso Bookstore; In addition to other companies, businesses and individuals.

GRN is a festival that promotes a varied pairing of cultural proposals of proven quality; an event of an open, creative, innovative, participatory and free nature, which takes culture out into the streets, neighborhoods and towns and which also takes it to bars, libraries, clubs, cinemas and cafes.

A festival whose program is open to all the arts and which allows the most different disciplines to be paired, making contact and direct relationships possible between authors, creators, the public and fans.

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Mónica Rouanet, Men Marías, drawing and animation film in Granada Noir

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