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Super Green Pass, mandatory Ffp2 masks for covered facilities and online ticket purchases. For skiing, from 10 January, new rules have taken over that require greater attention on the slopes by skiers: in addition to the obligation to possess the enhanced green pass (issued only with a complete vaccination cycle or if you have recovered from Covid), on the lifts “closed” (telecabins, cable cars, lowered dome chairlifts, covered carpets) the use of a Ffp2 mask is required and the obligation to wear a mask (including surgical) remains on all those that are open.

Furthermore, to avoid queues at the cash desks, since last year PromoTurismoFvg has been offering ski enthusiasts the possibility of buying tickets online: you need to register on the site and go – only once – to the ticket offices to collect the “Ticket Card”; from the next time it will be possible to load tickets directly onto the card, so as to avoid further steps at the cash desks and go directly to the lift turnstiles. On portal, daily, 3, 4 and 5 hour ski passes are available: by selecting “Buy” you can choose a ski pass valid for the Tarvisio, Zoncolan, Sappada and Piancavallo ski areas, or for Sella Nevea and Forni di Sopra, at a discounted rate. Anyone who buys the ski pass, but does not yet have a “Ticket Card” will receive a voucher and will have to go to the cash desks to convert it into a ticket. Some types of ski passes are only available at ticket offices, such as family packages or for those who are entitled to special reductions.

The “Ticket Card” is part of the digitization project launched last year in which PromoTurismoFvg, until 31 August 2021, has made available the opportunity to register and obtain the card for free; from that date the cards are on sale at a cost of 5 euros with a validity of five years.

In the meantime, checks on the slopes continue: PromoTurismoFvg, with the help of some external companies and the collaboration of the police, constantly carries out checks near the entrances of the main lifts and major access points, and invites skiers to respect the rules between distancing and wearing the mask to safely enjoy a day on the snow.

It should also be remembered that the new regulations of decree 40/2021 have been in force since 1 January, which aims to increase the safety of those who practice the various winter sports in Italy, including skiing: the obligation to use a helmet for under 18 years of age, the possession of an insurance policy for civil liability against third parties (PromoTurismoFVG offers the possibility of purchasing it together with the ski pass with a surcharge of 3 euros) and the prohibition to ski or practice winter sports while intoxicated as a result of use of alcoholic beverages and toxicological substances.

The lifts in the six ski areas of Friuli Venezia Giulia are in operation with all the slopes open and to keep up to date it is always possible to consult the section InfoSnow.

The entertainment activities continue in the mountains of Friuli Venezia Giulia with different alternatives to experience the snow-capped peaks. Excursions – even at night – with snowshoes, yoga, Nordic walking and trekking in the mountains and in the glow of the full moon, as well as numerous other variations for those who want to experience the mountains even without skiing.

In Sappada you can choose snowshoeing at high altitudes with an alpine guide and a naturalistic one at the Monte Ferro Refuge, an approach to ice climbing, always with an alpine guide, and ski mountaineering (even at night). Skiing with the Olympic champions Pietro Piller Cottrer and Silvio Fauner is always available, as well as winter nodic walking at the trout lake, a horse-drawn sleigh ride and a walk to discover the old Sappada. All information and reservations are available at the PromoTurismoFVG infopoint in the mountain resort (tel. 0435 469131;

The magic of the village of Sauris will still be the setting for some activities to regenerate in the midst of nature such as a relaxation day, the excursion “On the peaks near the sky – ski mountaineering Mount Pieltinis” or the course to learn how to create and personalize herbal teas ( Information and reservations at the IAT of Sauris (tel. 0433.86076;

Also in Forni di Sopra there is no shortage of proposals with snowshoes at high altitudes to appreciate the sunset on the Belvedere di Curnut, or those at the bottom of the valley in the footsteps of animals or at night in the glow of the full moon. The brand new “Dolomites in all senses” ice rink remains open, you can discover biathlon and ice hockey, indulge in ski mountaineering on Forte Miaron and still get close to ski touring (info and reservations: Infopoint PromoTurismoFVG Forni di Sopra, tel. 0433 886767;

Yoga, snowshoeing in the woods in the moonlight, ski mountaineering, an approach to climbing, a walk with lanterns and horseback riding in the valley are the proposals on the Zoncolan which for the little ones offers in Sutrio, “A cow as a friend” or craft workshops ( Information and reservations: Visit Zoncolan-Sutrio tel. 0433 778921). In Caneva the appointment is with Romina and Ivan’s cheerful farm and in Verzegnis on Sunday the Ciaspolata in the woods with aperitif is staged (Info and Reservations: Alpi Dolomiti Friulane, Arta Terme – 0433786171

From the Dolomites there will be excursions with snowshoes (by day and also by night), snow science lessons, grappa tasting courses and the “A day with the cheesemaker” initiative to learn how to prepare cheeses and ricottas (Information and reservations: Gierre sas, phone 3333 866363, while in Piancavallo the program includes “A fascinating excursion to discover the beauty of the forest illuminated by the full moon” and “The magic of snow in the family. A day in the snow, with snowshoes on your feet to discover the naturalistic values ​​of Piancavallo” (Info,, Reservations:

Finally, in Tarvisio the snowshoe excursions to the Zacchi and Grego Refuge continue and numerous walks in the snow of the Fusine Lakes, Alpe del Lago, Spaik Alm, Val Saisera, the Vuom path and Prati di Rutte or at night to discover the Prati Oitzinger, but you can also opt for snowshoeing at high altitude with an alpine guide, a naturalistic excursion with snowshoes at Acomizza, Nordic skiing at the Paruzzi Arena, snow fat biking in Val Bartolo or Val Saisera, snow yoga and , for the little ones, Ciasporellando at dusk or the approach to climbing and various workshops, in addition to the new Snow Park in Valbruna, the Kinderalm, suitable for beginners and toboggan/sled lovers (info and reservations: Infopoint PromoTurismoFVG Tarvisio,; tel. +39 0428 2135).

All the activities can be consulted on the Montagna365 website of the PromoTurismoFVG portal, at “Snow and ice” section.

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Montagna Fvg, online ski pass and many animations on the snow | Friuli

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