Netflix: our top 10 best animated films to watch in May 2022

The great classics of Walt Disneyas the masterpieces of Hayao Miyazaki, have given animation cinema its letters of nobility. This prized genre sees award-winning animated feature films every year at major film festivals. Since his arrival in France, netflix has enriched its film catalog, including action movies and adventure storiesas well as romantic comediesbut also some of the best anime or science fiction stories. But the platform also gives a large place to youth programs and to adult entertainment. Soon, the streaming platform will make available to its subscribers new animated films co-produced with the Japanese studio Studio Colorido, including The Wandering Wallswhich will be available on September 16. Within the Netflix offer, Télé-Loisirs has selected for you the top 10 of the best animated films to watch alone, as a couple or as a family. On the menu of this animated journey, feature films for the little ones, teenagers and adults with French animation, the marvelous universe of Miyazaki, comedies that put the zygomatics to the test and poetic works.

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What anime movies to watch on Netflix?

Seriously ill, Mei and Satsuki’s mother is treated in a hospital in the countryside. Their father decides to settle near her and settles in the village. The little girls discover with greed and a little apprehension this new environment where nature is populated by magical beings. During a walk in the forest, Mei meets an atypical creature, Totoro. One of the famous Studio Ghibli films.

Like all little witches, Kiki must leave her parents when she reaches the age of 13, and move to another town. In Koriko, the mischievous little girl, accompanied by her black cat Jiji, finds a job with Osono, a kind baker for whom she manages the delivery of packages by moving on her flying broom. Another of the many Studio Ghibli works available on Netflix.

Jesper is the worst student in his letter carrier school. He is thus transferred to a snowy island, north of the Arctic Circle, where the inhabitants are not the most pleasant. Jesper meets Klaus, a silent carpenter, who lives as a recluse in his chalet. This meeting is the starting point of a funny and touching adventure in this Christmas tale which is a little jewel of animation and emotion.

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Po is an overweight panda, who harbors the dream of becoming a kung fu master. Although he has no skill or talent for martial arts. Master Shifu, the mentor of the best fighters in the country, takes him under his wing to train him to fight.

Caught in a violent storm, a man, clinging to the remains of a boat, tries to survive in the open sea, before failing on the beach of a tropical island, populated by crabs and turtles. After exploring the scene, the shipwrecked person gradually learns to survive in this new environment. The days pass and the castaway decides to leave the island. He finds what he needs in a bamboo forest to build a raft. But his first outing on the water is soon stopped by a mysterious force coming from the sea, which destroys his boat…

Set before its appearance in Shrek 2, this film follows the adventures of Puss in Boots who teams up with Alexander Dumpty and Kitty Paws to find the legendary magic beans. These will allow them to access the Castle of the Giants where they aim to steal the Goose with Golden Eggs.

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On the island of Berk, the Vikings fight with dragons for several generations to defend their village from their attacks. Uncomfortable within his tribe, Harold, the clan chief’s son, nevertheless submits to training to become a dragon hunter. But he weaves unexpected bonds of friendship with one of his creatures.

Exasperated that the indomitable little Gallic village is still resisting, César challenges Asterix, Obelix and their friends. If they emerge victorious from the twelve trials he submits to them, the Emperor undertakes never to attack them again.

An old man discovers a tiny princess in a bamboo shoot. When he takes her home and shows her to his wife, she turns into a human-sized baby. The couple decide to raise her as if she were their own daughter. The princess seems to have gifts. Nature flourishes in her presence and she grows faster than other children. One day, his adoptive father discovers a treasure in the forest. Her parents then announce to the little princess that they are taking her to the capital so that she can evolve in a living environment worthy of her rank.

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This original Netflix production is an animated triptych on the extraordinary that can arise from everyday life. These three tales depict, for the first, the story of two anthropomorphic crabs in search of their father, that for the second, of a little boy allergic to eggs and, for the third, that of a man alienated by his daily life of an employee who ends up becoming invisible.

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Netflix: our top 10 best animated films to watch in May 2022

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