Netflix: Parents complain and cancel subscription, after gay kiss in cartoons

Once again, Netflix surprises viewers in a negative way, by showing two cartoons aimed at children, with a gay kiss between the characters.

Understand the case:

The first drawing is about the second season of “The 3 Down Under: Tales from Arcadia”, which has free classification.

In one episode, two characters are distressed due to an imminent end of the world caused by an alien attack. Thus, teenagers fear that this will happen without ever having been kissed. Soon after, the scene of the two kissing is shown.

The second drawing was the fifth and final season of “Jurassic World: Jurassic Camp”, with a 10-year indication, which also added an unprecedented gay kiss, that is, without any previous indication that the same could occur, between two characters from the same sex.

Repercussion and Criticism:

Due to the rating being for children and containing sexual content – ​​the kiss – the Ministry of Justice, which is responsible for the Brazilian Rating System, was contacted to clarify the matter.

However, he informed that “the public policy of the indicative classification was built, over time, with the adoption of criteria that do not admit any value judgment, any differentiation between races, religion, political position or sexual orientation”.

It was also explained that the classification is based on the fact that the productions have sexual content, nudity, violence and/or drugs, but stated that the cartoon in question, in the case “Os 3 Lá Embaixo: Contos da Arcadia”, does not fit in them.

Viewer Complaints:

However, this is not what Brazilian families observe, who even resorted to the consumer whistleblower website called Reclame Aqui, in order to expose their indignation with Netflix.

  • “Just to be clear, I have nothing against gay people. My best friend is gay. However, it is ridiculous of Netflix to put this in a children’s cartoon, and still not leave this information before we watch the series. If you were warned, fine. My kids wouldn’t see it. But the scare was great. I was forced to stop watching, but I already delete the mobile app. Now I will unsubscribe. I know that the world is going to worsen the sense of morals. But I felt disrespected and offended,” wrote a viewer on the website Reclame Aqui.
  • “We fight so hard so that there is no sexualization of children and adolescents and what we perceive is that the company does not seem to be concerned about this matter. The rating of the new season must be changed. Children don’t date”, complained another consumer, about the cartoon “Jurassic World: Jurassic Camp”.

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What to analyze:

Dissatisfaction with the streaming platform, Netflix, has generated high rates of subscriber losses. Last week, the drop of 970 thousand subscribers during the three-month period was announced.

It is now up to families, especially parents, to be aware of the content seen by their children, even if they have free indication and are aimed at children.

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Netflix: Parents complain and cancel subscription, after gay kiss in cartoons

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