Netflix revokes controversial queer animated series after just one season

Q-FORCE, the first queer spy division. (Netflix)

In Q Forcea handsome secret agent and his team of LGBTQ+ super spies embark on extraordinary adventures. However, this was not enough for the streamer to continue with this original 2021 production, released in September of that year. And it’s no surprise that Netflix cancel one or the other of your titles, since it has, after all, become something of the norm by now for streaming platforms. streaming. What is still not clear to us is how exactly they determine which production is canceled and which is not. But Q Forceno more.

Interestingly, according to R.Otten Tomatoes, Q Force it had a modest audience rating at nearly 80%. However, it does not seem that the series has achieved the expected results, although it had an attractive premise, especially for the LGBTQ community, since the main characters made up a complete team of secret agents belonging to this community. But something didn’t add up.

Main animated characters of the series "Q Force". (Netflix)
Main animated characters of the series “Q-Force”. (Netflix)

What is it about Q Force?

Its plot follows a group of underrated LGBT super-spies, which featured a gay, James Bond-like figure named Steve Marywhether (also known as Agent Mary). They all lived trying to prove their worth in personal and professional adventures before the American Intelligence Agency (AIA). For this reason, one day Mary made the decision to solve a case that would lead them to obtain the approval of the company, but she did not count on the fact that for this, they would have to add a new member to his team, a heterosexual man.

In this regard, one of the actors behind one of the characters, Matt Rogerswho also took part in the creation of the script, told the outlet adweek in an interview the following: “Some heroes have more pride than others and in Q Force could be seen, this being the first division of queer spies. She really loved it and the good news is that she will always be in Netflix. It didn’t get a second season, but it’s out there and it exists.”

Picture of "Q Force". (Netflix)
Image of “Q-Force”. (Netflix)

The first and only season of Q Force It consisted of 10 episodes and in its pre-launch with the publication of the trailer, its producers met with very polarized reactions. For example, some of them were concerned and let it be known that they were not sure if the show would be good, since the humor of the show “is not for everyone”. However, they were clear that being written, starring and animated by queer people made a difference.

official poster of "Q Force". (Netflix)
Official poster of “Q-Force”. (Netflix)

Q Force it was created by michael schur Y Sean Hayes, and they directed it themselves too. This animation won an award at the Critics Choice Awardswhere she was nominated for Best Animated TV Series.


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Netflix revokes controversial queer animated series after just one season

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