New movies and animated series to be released in November 2022

With the beginning of a new month several streaming services are rolling out new content for their platform, with November seeing the premiere of major fan-anticipated animated series and movies.

While all the Halloween specials are over and the Christmas specials are right around the corner, here’s a list of the shows and animated films that promise to catch the spectators during this month of November.

Zootopia+ Premiere: November 9

New series based on the popular movie ”Zootopia”, showing the world that surrounds the movie in more detail. In the original story, Judy Hopps explored a diverse set of ecosystems, each with her own species living in sync.

Now, ”Zootopia+” will let us see in more detail each of the individual stories in the world created by Disney, being a series of shorts starring the different residents of Zootopia.

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Inside Job Part 2 Premiere: November 18

Adult animated series that follows a ridiculous version of the conspiracy theory and who is pulling the strings of the world. This Part 2 opens the door to the ridiculous as Reagan’s father takes over overseeing the world’s conspiracy theories.

This will lead her to take on a difficult assignment filled with strange co-workers, having an unreasonable man with a chip on his shoulder that promises to bring much more entertainment to the comedy series.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Premiere: November 3

After a long wait, ”The Dragon Prince” Season 4 is coming to Netflix, featuring a unique animation style and a story that fans have loved. The story follows two princes from two opposite sides of a divided world as they try to right wrongs and unify their fragmented world.

After a three-year wait, the fourth season seems to reveal one of the biggest premieres of the series, revealing the true intentions and motivations of a being that is pulling the strings from the dark.

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Strange World Premiere: November 23

New Disney movie that will be released in theaters and then reach the Disney + platform. ”Strange World” follows three generations of explorers as they fight to save an alien world. A perfect movie to watch as a family and gradually raise the Christmas spirit.

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New movies and animated series to be released in November 2022

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