Nintendo: The Legend of Zelda video game soon to be adapted into a film?

The animated film, a new big challenge for Nintendo. After Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda could be coming to the big screen.

Animation has been catching on in the gaming world lately. In effect, sonic and mario bros both got their movie adaptations. And Nintendo could well follow the trend, after the film about its famous plumber. The next hero on the list? Link, of The Legend of Zelda ! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

A busy year for Nintendo

No respite for the Japanese studio in 2022! In effect, the exits followed one another on Nintendo Switch. With, among them, very nice surprises !

At the same time, the video game publisher was able to celebrate a very nice record. And yes, can you imagine that the Switch has recently become more popular than another legendary console ! A great feat!

But on the other hand, the company has also encountered difficulties. His great competition Super Smash Bros. for example had to be canceled, provoking the anger of the fans.

In addition, several large franchises have seen their postponed exits. This is for example the case of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom or Metroid Prime 4. Everything is not so rosy at Nintendo!

So to bounce back from this perilous situation, the Kyoto studio made a big announcement ! Indeed, he revealed to his fans the release of an animated film on Mario Bros.. What a surprise !

Well that bad news has just fallen about her, Nintendo does not intend to stop there however! Hold on tight, because Link could also appear in the cinema in a few years! MCE TV tells you more…

The Legend of Zelda: a new mythical franchise in the cinema

Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment are a great duo! Indeed, the French animation studio has already participated in the production of the film on Mario Bros. And their collaboration with the Japanese firm seems to have worked well, since they will once again be in charge of a Nintendo feature film. A big challenge!

Meanwhile, Chris Meledandri (CEO of Illumination Entertainment) has just been named outside director of Nintendo’s board. which portends a long-term partnership. Decidedly, the French know-how is exported wonderfully!

According to our colleagues from Giant Freakin Robotwork on the very first movie of The Legend of Zelda would have already started. And there is no doubt that the film crews will have their work cut out for them, to satisfy the demanding fans of the franchise! No room for error!

In addition, you should know that Nintendo’s ambitions are great. Indeed, the studio wishes neither more nor less compete with the giant Disney ! We can say that his teams are fearless!

And if all goes well, we could even be entitled to a movie about donkey kong, within the next few years. We look forward !

Anyway, Nintendo lovers will already be able to attend the screening of Super Mario Bros at the cinema, from April 5, 2023. And for the rest, we’ll keep you posted, we promise!

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Nintendo: The Legend of Zelda video game soon to be adapted into a film?

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