Nintendo: the Super Mario Bros animated film will be rather short?

The animated film “Super Mario Bros”, inspired by the Nintendo video game, should see the light of day soon. But this one might be short.

New information about the animated film “Super Mario Bros” has leaked on the Web. It could be that the realization inspired by the universe of the famous Nintendo game is shorter than expected. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The Nintendo universe soon in cinemas

It is a project that unleashes passions. Indeed, the universe Nintendo should be coming soon in dark rooms. After an extraordinary amusement park, it is now the turn of the 7th art of grab “Super Mario Bros” to make an animated film.

Scheduled for March 29, 2023, this production by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic should feature the famous plumber. The plot? “Mario navigates an underground maze with his brother, Luigi, trying to rescue a captured princess. »

And to embody Nintendo video game characters, the filmmakers have bet on a sizeable cast. Indeed, it is indeed Chris Pratt (“Guardians of the Galaxy”) who should embody the hero. His sidekick, meanwhile, should be doubled by Charlie Day (“How to kill his boss?”). In addition, the sublime Anya Taylor-Joy (“The Queen’s Game”) will interpret Peach.

Bowser, meanwhile, should have the voice of Jack Black (“Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”). And finally, Donkey Kong will be none other than Seth Rogen (“Our Worst Neighbors”). Bad luck, if the actors chosen for the Nintendo film are unanimous among moviegoers, it seems that John Leguizamo, alias Luigi in the 1993 film, is questioning it.

In a recent interview for IndieWire, he confided as follows: “Directors Annabel Jankel and Rocky Morton really fought for me to get a leading role because I was a Latin man. The studio didn’t want me. »

He also added: “They really fought, and it was a real breakthrough. Let them back down and don’t choose another actor of colorit sucks ». MCE TV tells you more about the animated film inspired by the Nintendo universe.

Super Mario Bros shorter than expected?

But while the cast of the animated film inspired by Nintendo’s video game is causing a lot of ink to flow, it’s not the only element that seems to be singled out.

Indeed, according to the latest rumors, it could be that this one is shorter than expected… Much to the chagrin of the fans! In any case, this is what the “Cinepolis” cinema chain claims on its website.

From what we can see, “Super Mario Bros” should only last 85 minutes. Either, less than 1 h 30. Enough to piss off aficionados who are impatiently awaiting this project.

Of course, this information should be taken with a grain of salt. Because ! Some underline the fact that it is still too early to have this kind of news.

At this time, it is not possible to confirm the nintendo animated movie time. One thing is certain, it is that the latter already promises to create a buzz when it is released in theaters. To be continued…

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Nintendo: the Super Mario Bros animated film will be rather short?

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