One UI 5.0 unveiled: smoother animations, renewed design and new functions

Users Samsungand not only that, they are awaiting the release of the new one with some trepidation One UI 5 based on Android 13. In this regard, the staff of “9to5Google” took a close look at the latest beta – not publicly released by the company – managing to glimpse several novelties that would help the company achieve two goals: improve the speed and fluidity of animations/transitions ed possibly speed up getting Android updates.


Starting from the design, the Notification display has been slightly tweaked compared to the previous version. In fact, the new icons stand out, as well as the quick settings, which have benefited from a small restyling. By the way, the company also added a button dedicated to the UWB (Ultra-Wideband) in the “Connections” section (in Settings). These are slight changes, which however return a different feeling of use than in the past.

As regards the permission windowsthe Korean company has decided to use the default Android ones. It may be that this choice was made to speed up the update process or because Samsung has not yet managed to change them in this beta.

We’ll see. The company also OCR added (Optical Character Recognition), i.e. the tool that allows you to copy text from images. In detail, when the device detects text in a photograph, a button will appear at the bottom of the gallery that will allow you to extract the words.

Security, Privacy and Multitasking

Several changes, then, are affecting the security and privacy. In fact, most of the security and privacy related features have been grouped into one section, including lock screen options, user accounts, Find My Phone, app security, Google Play system updates, and privacy features. Finally, in Labs, they were made available two new options for multitasking. Indeed, it will be possible, with two fingers, to scroll upwards to activate the multiscreen. If, on the other hand, the user swipes from the upper corner to the right, one will be activated pop-up window.

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One UI 5.0 unveiled: smoother animations, renewed design and new functions

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