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The Pokémon Company International has revealed new details about an animated series that will take fans on a new adventure in the ancient Hisui region of the world Pokémon. The web series, whose trailer was shown during the Pokémon Presents event on Pokémon Day 2022 (you can view it in the player above), is titled Hisui’s snow and will be broadcast exclusively on the official Pokémon YouTube channel and on Pokémon TV on May 18, 2022.

The Hisui region was first explored in the video game Pokémon Legends: Arceus and represents the ancient Sinnoh-region before Pokémon Trainers and Leagues existed. Hisui’s Snow is set in an ancient era where the relationship between humans and Pokémon was very different. On a boat to the Hisui region, the protagonist Alec recalls when he first visited it with his father. Over the course of three episodes, Hisui’s snow will retrace some events from Alec’s past.

Viewers will get acquainted with Hisui’s Pokémon and some new characters exclusive to this web series. The Pokémon Company International has revealed some initial details about the main characters and Pokémon in anticipation of the airing.

  • Alec: Alec is headed to the Hisui region in search of medicinal herbs. He is a mild-tempered young man studying to be a doctor. As a child, he once accompanied his father on a trip to the Hisui region. As a child he was more adventurous and mischievous.
  • Alec’s Father: Alec’s father is a carpenter. He used to live in another region, but recently moved to Hisui to get materials. He started to fear Pokémon after a certain incident.
  • Zorua (Hisui form): The Fox Rancor Pokémon that lives in the Hisui region. The wandering spirits of those Zorua who died after being driven from their home are said to return to life in this form, fueled by the strength of their hatred towards humans and Pokémon.

The animated series Hisui’s Snow is produced by The Pokémon Company International in collaboration with WIT STUDIO. The episodes will be broadcast on the official Pokémon YouTube channel and on Pokémon TV: More details on the episode schedule will be communicated after the first episode airs.

For the latest Pokémon news, fans can follow the official Pokémon channels on social media, subscribe to the official Pokémon channel on YouTube, and visit Pokémon TV in anticipation of the series’ release.

These are the credits of the series:

  • Director: Ken Yamamoto
  • Screenplay: Taku Kishimoto
  • Character Design: KURO
  • Color Design: Ayaka Nakamura (WIT STUDIO)
  • Art Direction: Yuuji Kaneko (AOSYASIN)
  • Direction of photography: Takeru Yokoi (WIT STUDIO)
  • Offline Editor: Akari Saito (Mishima Editing Room)
  • Sound: Masafumi Mima
  • Music: Conisch
  • Animations: WIT STUDIO

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Pokémon: Hisui’s Snow is the new animated series inspired by Pokémon Legends: Arceus | Nerd League

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