Premiere of the series “Super Meow” on the TV channel “Carousel”

On October 27 and 30, during the daytime prime time, the Karusel TV channel will show 12 out of 26 episodes of the new animated series for preschoolers Super Meow. The project was created by ROY Entertainment in cooperation with the Petersburg computer animation studio.

The production of the animated series began in June 2020, and the first episodes were shown in the spring of 2021 in the IVI online cinema and received high ratings. This year, the first season of 26 episodes of 7 minutes will be released, the audience will see the second season in 2022. The author and producer of the series is the Russian writer and public figure Oleg Roy.

“Specialists of the Karusel TV channel highly appreciated the potential and quality of the series at an early stage of production, expressing their professional opinion in their strong desire to see the project on the country’s main children’s TV channel”, – noted Oleg Royauthor and general producer of the Super Meow project.

“We are very pleased with the appearance of the new Russian project “Super Meow” on the Karusel TV channel and we hope that this bright, dynamic and exciting series will captivate our little viewers”, – commented Vera Obolonkinaeditor-in-chief of the Karusel TV channel.


“Super Meow” – this is a team of kittens who study at the school of superheroes, each of them has a super-strength. But kittens do not yet know how to control it, so often their abilities do more harm than good. At school, the heroes learn to use and apply their talents to make the world a better place: they communicate, learn new skills, fight injustice and save the inhabitants of the city. School stories with problems understandable to the chosen target audience, relations between pupils and adventures around new technical inventions – the series tells about these and other topics.

Roy Entertainmentis a Russian company specializing in the creation of animation projects and multimedia content for children and teenagers. The first implemented project of the company is the animated series “Super Meow”. The animated series “Spaces” is at the launch stage, as well as the online game “Guardians”. Oleg Roy is the author and general producer of all projects.

Oleg Roy – a modern Russian writer, winner of a number of literary awards. Over 30 years of a successful writing career, he has written more than 60 novels for adults in various genres, and also holds the position of a “top” children’s author. His books occupy the leading lines of sales among modern Russian books for children. The total circulation of children’s literature O’Roy (excluding electronic editions) is 2.5 million copies. Oleg Roy created the animation projects “Jingliki” and “Dragon Tosha”, writes the book series “Fantasy Patrol” in collaboration with the Parovoz studio.

TV channel “Carousel” created on the basis of the two largest broadcasters and producers of children’s television content: Channel One and VGTRK. The channel began broadcasting on December 27, 2010. Carousel is a vibrant kaleidoscope of the best educational and entertainment shows, favorite animated series and cartoons. In an exciting and accessible form, programs that combine educational and game elements educate young viewers, activate creative abilities and broaden their horizons. Leading psychologists, teachers and authors of innovative educational programs take part in the creation of programs aimed at a wide audience of children and adolescents.

Petersburg Computer Animation Studio was established in March 2003 and gained fame thanks to such projects as Smeshariki, Malyshariki, Tim and Tom, SuperMeow. The only studio in Russia where the entire production process is carried out in digital format using modern computer technologies. The creative team of the studio includes more than 100 specialists working on powerful graphics stations for 2D and 3D animation. Due to this, the studio “Petersburg” provides a high rate of production and quality of animated series, which meet international standards.

According to the press service of ROY Entertainment

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Premiere of the series “Super Meow” on the TV channel “Carousel”

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