Remembering is living: 8 cartoons that marked an era

Do you remember when our only concern was waking up early and going to the couch in our pajamas and blanket just to watch our favorite drawings🇧🇷 It was too good, especially on rainy days, when there was no way to go out to play with friends.

For those born in the 1980s or 1990s, they most likely grew up watching many drawingsbecause at that time there was no smartphones and Xbox, that is, children at that time spent hours and hours in front of the TV having fun with the drawings. And who knows until today, right?

Now, let’s remember some famous designs among the guys and see if your favorite is on the list.

1. ‘Care Bears’ (1985)

Image: Infantv

The Care Bears were created in 1981 for a children’s book. Before going to TV channels, they were a toy line, and only after a while did they become cartoons. Nowadays, there are even movies and video games for people to have fun with the cuteness of the bears.

2. ‘DuckTales: The Adventure Hunters’ (1987–1990)

Image: Infantv

Disney cartoon characters are still very beloved by fans around the world. The series 🇧🇷DuckTales: The Adventure Hunters🇧🇷 shows the Scottish American Tio Scrooge and his three serelepes great-nephews Huguinho, Zezinho and Luisinho.

3. ‘The Simpsons’ (1989–present)

Image: Glamor Magazine

This design is acclaimed by the public to this day and is the “king of predictions“, Is not it? The design shows the culture of American families and what US society is like in a fun way.

4. ‘Woodpecker and His Friends’ (1940-2017)

Image: Disclosure

Who doesn’t remember? The drawing is one of the longest animations ever made and had several versions of the mischievous bird shown in Brazil. The clever Woody Woodpecker is one of the few cartoon characters to have a star named after him on the Walk of Fame. Star, isn’t it?

5. ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’ (1983–1985)

Image: Popsphere

Based on the toy line 🇧🇷Masters of the Universe🇧🇷by Mattel🇧🇷this design was the best known at the time of 80. The animated series won a movie in theaters: “He-Man and She-Ra: The Secret of the Magic Sword🇧🇷 (1985). Remember the song? 🇧🇷I have the strength, I am invincible..🇧🇷 It was hit!

6. ‘Garfield and Friends’ (1988–1994)

Image: Cartoni Online

This drawing revolves around the orange cat garfield and your friends. For those who don’t remember, his favorite food was lasagna! It is based on a comic book from the 1970s.

7. ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ (1987–1996)

Image: Papelpop

This one needs no introduction, right? “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” was also a comic book, which later became collectibles for adults. In 1987, the four brothers got their own cartoon on TV and, nowadays, there is even a movie.

8. ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ (1998–2005)

Image: TV news

Continuing in the family, the three Florzinha, Lindinha and Docinho are girls with superpowers. Recently, a version live action of the story was released, but it was a complete failure.

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Remembering is living: 8 cartoons that marked an era

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