Review of Dragon Age: Absolution – Netflix takes the measure of video games

It’s amazing that we’re going to say this, but video game adaptations have found refuge on Netflix. However, they have done it through animation. The last recent case to have demonstrated this has been Dragon Age: Absolution, which has reached the streaming catalog and has satisfied all fans of the saga.

In recent years, the ‘gamer’ public has found two jewels animated by Netflix of the size of League of Legends: Arcane and, more recently, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. Both cases are irrefutable proof that The North American streaming giant has taken the measure of video game adaptations. And she doesn’t want to stop.

Dragon Age: Absolution, created by Mairghread Scott from the legendary BioWare franchisehas surprised gamers with a miniseries of just six episodes, anime format, which has been able to transfer the most positive characteristics and intrinsic virtues to the video game saga.

That is to say, all those elements that we like about Dragon Age come together here. On one hand, we have fun and entertaining adventures; for another, a fantasy world full of possibilities, and ultimately a light, simple and correct story that takes us out of our universe and allows us to escape from our problems during the time that “we are inside”.


Dragon Age: Absolution | Official Trailer | Netflix

Dragon Age: Absolution chronicles the adventures of a group of misfits who come together to steal an artifact as powerful as it is dangerous from a sinister wizard. The Netflix animated series is set in the world of Tevinter, an empire within the Dragon Age universe.

As you see, the premise is exactly what we expected from a Dragon Age animated series. The characters fulfill certain stereotypes and allow themselves to be transported through a fantasy world full of obstacles that they must overcome. At the same time, they will have to learn to put up with each other, get to know each other and tolerate each other.

The dynamics between all of them give rise to some of The best moments of the animated series Dragon Age: Absolution. As we said at the beginning, Netflix has taken the measure of adaptations of this nature and does not want to reinvent anything or do “probatinas”. It is exactly what we expected and nothing more.

Yes, Netflix can be criticized for the fact that, unlike the cases mentioned with League of Legends: Arcane and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, the animation of Dragon Age: Absolution has left a little to be desired. Not so the artistic designs, which have been able to adapt properly to the context in which the characters move.

Funds are conspicuous by their absence and the world could have gotten more out of it. However, Dragon Age: Absolution focuses on giving the viewer a dose of action, a frenetic pace, a fun adventure, simple and coherent characters and, ultimately, a series that can be seen and will fall in love with more than one viewer.

If you didn’t know whether to give it a try… We’re sure! Have we convinced you?

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Review of Dragon Age: Absolution – Netflix takes the measure of video games

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