Review Puss in Boots 2: a feline well in his boots 😼

Back to basics for DreamWorks with new Puss in Boots adventures. Is the world of Shrek still as charming in 2022? Critical.

In the vast world of animated feature films, two major studios have made a name for themselves in the hearts of families. You guessed it, it’s about Disney and DreamWorks. But while the house of Mickey Mouse is chaining new licenses (to the point of sometimes shooting themselves in the foot), the studios behind shrek have a very different mode of operation. At DreamWorks, when it works, we exhaust the vein.

Thus the studio’s successful franchises end up with three and sometimes four episodes under their belts, in addition to a few spin-off anime series. In recent years, these are Dragons, Baby Boss or the Croods which dominated the firm’s releases. Even if we must not forget a few individual nuggets like Megamind Where The five legendsthe model DreamWorks remains mostly focused on sequels.

Logical therefore, that after several new licenses, the studio returns to the side of the universe which had its great hours: shrek. 21 years after the first film in the saga, the ogre has had the right to three other films and numerous spinoffs in the form of short films, series, and even attractions in parks around the world. It has now been eleven years since this universe last appeared in cinemas. DreamWorks therefore decides to dive back into this magical and quirky world. With Puss in Boots 2: The Last Questthe adventurer with a sharp sword and a tender gaze is racing for a new adventure… Unsurprisingly, the magic of the studio’s greatest franchise is working again.

Magic that never gets old

If you want to find what made you laugh out loud in the Shrek movies, you’re going to be served. It is clear that DreamWorks still masters its world of dystopian fairy tales. All that is worst in humans is infused into this fantastic universe which turns into a pleasant satire of our society.

This time, it is the gnan-gnan stories of heroes with a big heart who take for their rank. After many and many adventures, Puss in Boots enjoys an unparalleled reputation and goes all out to satisfy his narcissistic needs. Who wouldn’t like to travel from village to village to receive praise from the locals? Except no perfect world exists and all good things come to an end.

The life of a hero is filled with danger, and Potté is brought back to his last life as a cat. The little tom suffers a real existential crisis when he finds himself face to face with certain death. Thanks to this Zorro-like midlife crisis, the studio manages to make us laugh at the misfortune of the feline who takes a forced retirement among his congeners.

Credits: DreamWorks

Far from being at the end of his troubles, Puss in Boots will meet familiar faces but also new ones. These show us 2022-style DreamWorks humor, in keeping with the times and which will make young and old laugh. In terms of comedy and classic charm, the film is far from missing the boat. Difficult to say the same for the narrative framework, however.

Classic tales (sometimes a little too much)

Like the original films, this new adventure does not hesitate to transform the characters of tales from our childhood for better or for worse. When Disney transforms Robin Hood into an animal, DreamWorks offers us Goldilocks and the Three Bears version Tuche. The film does a great job of creating laughable antagonists for the right reasons. Goldilocks and Big Jack Horner (from a nursery rhyme) pursue the same goal as Puss in Boots: reach the wishing star to grant their dearest wish.

Credits: DreamWorks

But as Potté tries to save himself from the death that awaits him, the goals of his opponents are almost simple in comparison. Their determination and their ardor expressing themselves through ever more comic scenes come into direct opposition with the seriousness of the protagonist. Villains act as clowns and reinforce our appreciation for Puss in Boots.

The addition of the character of Perro, this ugly little dog in search of friendship also brings depth to the group of adventurers. Potté and Kitty play the heroes, but their motivations seem selfish in the face of this good conscience on legs. While it’s lovely to see the bonds forming within the group, this recipe plays a little too clichéd.

Credits: DreamWorks

Unfortunately, the lack of stake is quickly felt. It takes little for the course of the adventure to become predictable. The footage leaves no room for boredom, but it is sometimes difficult to be fully invested in this narration which is nevertheless intended as a frenzied time trial. There is always that the ambient charm of the film manages to make us forget this rather modest scenario.

DreamWorks makes you dream

In addition to controlled humor and endearing characters, Puss in Boots: The Last Quest is the figurehead of a revival for the studio. It must be said : the movie is absolutely beautiful. After The Bad Guys and its more refined graphic style, 3D animation takes a new turn at DreamWorks. This kind of more sought-after animation has already proven itself at Sony with Spider-Man The Next Generation and The Mitchells vs. the Machines.

It is therefore the turn of the parent company to shrek to embark on this ship to forge a modern identity. The film crews understood the importance of promoting this new era through their project. Action scenes from the first moments instantly capture attention. Impossible not to be speechless in front of the frantic camera and the movements accentuated by voluntarily opposed image frequencies.

Credits: DreamWorks

The future of animated films is bright. The Puss in Boots manages to show that this medium is as legitimate as classic cinema. It’s an art in its own right that allows you to tell stories that would be difficult to shoot in live action. But more than that, it is also a way of expressing limitless creativity, something that this film manages to achieve brilliantly.. It may not be the most original adventure, but it is one of the funniest and most beautiful that we have ever seen.

This spinoff of shrek therefore stands out as the perfect feature film to define the future of DreamWorks. The rebirth of the studio is underway and she walks with a sure step dressed in her best leather boots. This adventure of Puss in Boots is a new introduction to the world of the ogre that we love so much. The franchise leaves its very very distant horizons and signs the long-awaited return of Shrek. It remains to be seen if the magic of nostalgia will continue to operate…

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Review Puss in Boots 2: a feline well in his boots 😼

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