Review — Sonic 2: The Movie blends old-school cartoon atmosphere with impeccable wit

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For an unpretentious long, sonic 2: the movie carried an immense responsibility. After the unparalleled success of the first title, the most lucrative video game adaptation in cinema, expectations for the sequel were absurd. And even so, Paramount managed to surprise once again, delivering an entertaining film for all ages without sacrificing its quality.


Title: Sonic 2: The Movie (Sonic The Hedgehog 2)

Direction: Jeff Fowler

Road map: Patrick CaseyPatrick Casey

Release date of: April 7 (Brazil)

Country of origin: United States

Duration: 2h 02m

Synopsis: The Doctor. Robotnik returns looking for a mystical emerald that has the power to destroy civilizations. To stop him, Sonic teams up with his old partner, Tails, and sets out on a journey to find the gem before it falls into the wrong hands.

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The light fun that was missing for such a tense year

The premise is very simple, adapting the main events of Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (1994) in a way that makes sense for the universe constructed in the first film. Robotnik is back and, with the help of the mighty Knuckles, he sets out on a hunt for Master Emerald to fulfill your evil dreams. It remains to Sonicnext to the newbie Tailsput an end to this plan.

The duo’s journey may not be surprising. On the contrary, the script is quite predictable from start to finish. But this is the kind of movie that doesn’t need a fancy structure to conquer. The simple story gives more space to what really matters, which are the comic moments it’s the character development.

Without losing breath at any moment, the humor is shown extremely sharp, in all its nuance. There is a clear concern to please different segments of the public, without making anyone bored. For this, the script intersperses modern references and a more adult humor, targeting the grown-ups, with more physical and visual jokes, which drew a lot of laughter from the little ones.

With Jim Carrey in the cast, nineties humor is a big highlight.

In a few scenes, the feature manages to build a very pleasant and permissive atmosphere that lasts throughout the plot. Reminds me of the 90’s cartoons🇧🇷 The internal logic is quite permissive, so you enter a state of almost childlike innocence, believing that anything can happen. Even when the story spirals out of control, as in the scene where an angry bride chases a federal agent in a golf cart, it still seems to make sense in a blue hedgehog movie.

sonic 2: the movie it has this quality of taking your worries away and letting you just enjoy the journey. At various times, the work test the limits of humor, always with great taste and without offending anyone. And the big reason it works so well is the careful universe-building that goes back to the first film and has reached definitive maturity in this sequel.

While its predecessor seemed to be walking on eggshells, always taking the safest path to success, Sonic 2 knows very well what it’s getting into. This new adventure is more self-assured, bold and powerful.🇧🇷 Not only in comedy, but also in action.

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles carry the story along leaving little to be desired.

Snow chases, power-up duels, and other interesting ideas bring welcome variety to the action scenes. It doesn’t have that mechanical air that CGI clashes have come to bring to an increasingly accommodating industry. On the contrary, there is an enviable dynamism that seems to be inspired by animated films.

In essence, sonic 2: the movie is an animation that takes on a more realistic visual style than we are used to. Even if the special effects leave something to be desired at times, it’s almost like The Lion King 🇧🇷live action” from Disney, but not ashamed of being caricatured. It’s a proud take on a project born out of nostalgia and a childlike gaze, which makes this adaptation work where others have failed.

The story gets much better for believing in the potential of its roots in the world of games. The script is carried by the core of cute extraterrestrials, which is exactly what audiences want to see. As enjoyable as he is, no one is going to watch a Sonic movie to learn more about Sonic. Tom Wachowski (James Marsden). Thus, entrusting the stardom to the Sonic, Tails and Knuckles trio was the wisest decision to make.

Rivalry with Knuckles is the highlight of the film.

And it yielded many fruits, because they simply deliver a another level of charisma🇧🇷 They all work very well alone, in a very faithful way to the games, which facilitated the naturalness of their interactions. They bring a very good synergy, even if it is not failsafe.

The dynamic between sonic and tails, of mutual support and camaraderie, carries a certain look of respect that could be better dosed. Tails complements the blue hedgehog’s impulsive and self-centered way very well, awakening instant sympathy in the public. A pity that, for this, he ends up erasing his own shine. Tails turns out to be just a huge Sonic fan, turning down every opportunity to show a motivation of his own.

the rivalry between Sonic and Knuckles, on the other hand, is much better resolved. The writers delved into the mythology found in the games to build a delicate connection between the two. Impossible not to see the parallels in the past of Sonic and Knuckles, leading both to understand each other very easily. There’s a mutual respect, as if they saw that they’re on a pillar of equality, which makes the fights more enjoyable to watch.

The trio truly function as brothers in a non-traditional family. Tails is the youngest brother, who idolizes his middle brother. Sonic is a child who wants to grow up soon, to be like the oldest, which would be Knuckles — the teenager who is fed up with life, with no patience for anything. This construction not only makes it easier to believe in these relationships, but also makes it easier for younger audiences to connect on an emotional level.

Grade: 4.5/5

At the end, sonic 2: the movie is a movie for children with a very beautiful message about responsibility and respecting your rhythm. But the script is built in such an engaging way that adults are not left out of this fun. Sonic’s silliness transports the entire audience to this magical place of innocence and freedom that many films fail to achieve. It is something so precious that it compensates for the technical flaws that the feature ends up presenting.

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Review — Sonic 2: The Movie blends old-school cartoon atmosphere with impeccable wit

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