[Série] Stranger Things ventures into the world of animation

One of Netflix’s flagships since its launch in 2016, Stranger Things arrives at a pivotal stage in its history, when its fourth season has panicked the counters of the platform, being the most watched original series of 2022. A comeback after a three-year absence, demonstrating the intact enthusiasm of the audience for the creation of Matt and Ross Duffer. As he refines his last stand, the fifth season (currently being written) having been announced as the final chapter in the adventures of Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will and their comrades in misfortune, the show should still continue to benefit from its popularity.

As expected, the duo of brothers has the idea of ​​extending the universe they have built with their hands with the help of Shawn Levy and Netflix, working in parallel on a project which should interest the fans. If, during its broadcast, rumors of a spin-off had appeared on the web, so far nothing had materialized, the noises of the corridors ceasing to resonate with time. But things are changing if we believe the words of the American site What’s on Netflix, which recently revealed the first details about this company, which is in its infancy in terms of development. A few months ago, the idea of ​​bringing Stranger Things towards new territories had been mentioned, in particular at the microphone of the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast by Josh Horowitz where the tandem of showrunners had announced that if there is a derivative series, this one would be 1000% different from its big sister. Water has since flowed under the bridges but everything suggests that the machine seems to be in working order.

While the creative team is working to properly conclude the narrative arcs of the future fifth season, which is expected for sometime in 2024, snippets of information concerning its spin-off are beginning to bloom. Title Stranger Things: Tokyo, the latter has the particularity of having been designed in an animated format. Which will remind fans of the scenes intersecting the game Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales edited exclusively for the platform. If it will focus on a gallery of new characters, the series will have a link with its model in live action since the Upside Down will play a central role, as indicated by the synopsis obtained by What’s on Netflix. On the program, an encounter with the Upside Down serving as the trigger for a major epic for twin brothers addicted to video games, living in the suburbs of Tokyo. Between two games, escaping the bestiary housed in this famous ‘Upside Down’ should monopolize the attention of the duo, who will inadvertently set foot in a dark dimension to say the least.

If we will still have to take our troubles patiently before knowing more about this extension, which should point the tip of its nose at the same period as its sister – i.e. 2024 if all goes well – it is certain that the exploration of mythology Stranger Things through the prism of animation should allow teams to broaden their horizons, the creative freedom being vast to experiment with new things. As we will be able to discover within a year with the release of Stranger Things VRa virtual reality experience that allows the player to take the point of view of Vecna, the ‘big bad’ of season 4 and of which here is the teaser:

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[Série] Stranger Things ventures into the world of animation

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