‘Shrek’: 10 hidden details in the animated film

We recall DreamWorks’ famous parody of fairy tales by uncovering some ‘easter-eggs’ and references you may not have been aware of.

If there is an animated film that revolutionized the classic stories by parodying them with great grace and ingenuity, that is Shrek. Directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson, the first installment of the saga hit theaters in 2001 and its jokes, references and jokes have been engraved in the memory of those who were children -and not so children- when they saw it.

Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz were in charge of lending their voices to Shrek, Donkey Y Fiona, respectively. In our country it was Juan Muñoz, José Mota -the couple that formed the comic duo Cross and Stripe– and Nuria Mediavilla who played the trio of protagonists. Surely just by seeing an image of the film you are able to hear the intonation with which these interpreters recorded their phrases.

To remind Shrekwe have prepared this special in which we discover you 10 hidden winks in the animated film that you may not know:


In the start of Shrek there is a nod to the famous logo of DreamWorks, the animation studio behind the film. Surely you know what we are talking about. Just in case it isn’t, let’s refresh your memory: the DreamWorks logo is a crescent moon with a boy fishing. This moon also appears on the bathroom door of the protagonist ogre.

Peter Pan

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Also in the beginning of the film, when the soldiers of lord farquaad are hunting magical creatures, fairy-tale characters appear who, in the world of Shrek, they are capable of anything to be done with some gold coins. If you look at the image, the indicated boy looks a lot like Peter Pan and in a cage is Bellwho are you going to sell to? At the same time, after an altercation causes Tinker Bell to fall on top of Donkey -giving Shrek’s future companion the momentary ability to fly-, the boy shouts the phrase “can fly!”. This is a reference to the famous song from the classic Disney ‘You will fly, you will fly, you will fly’.


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At one point in the film, if you look closely, you can see Zthe protagonist of Antz (Hormigaz) (1998), a film also by dreamworks. This character can be seen in the scene where Shrek Y Donkey arrive at the castle lord farquaad.


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Shrek is full of parodies of classic tales, stories have been adapted by Disney since the beginning of the company. In the film there is a parody of disneyland. The city of lord farquaad reminiscent of the famous amusement parks of the Mickey Mouse House. An example is the stall of singing dolls that you can see in the image. There are also other details like pets with huge heads and flower beds with Farquaad’s face.


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Shrek was released theatrically in 2001, three years before the creation of Facebook. However, if you look at the blue and white banners on the castle of lord farquaadthese are quite reminiscent of the logo of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.

The Goldilocks Bears

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lord farquaad He is a very cruel character. Proof of this is this hidden detail that cannot be described in any other way than: horrible. At the beginning of the film, the three bears from the story of goldilocks locked in a cage and then we can see mama bear turned into a rug on the floor of Farquaad’s bedroom.


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Fiona proves to be quite an expert in martial arts when facing Robin Hood and his minions. In the fight, the princess hits a flying kick in which the image freezes and she is suspended in the air for a few seconds. In turn, the camera rotates 180º. This is a nod to the famous scene in The Matrix starring Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss).

How does a gentleman cook?

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Before receiving the visit of Shrekit seems that the female dragon that is holding prisoner Fiona At the top of the highest tower, he has been having a good time cooking with the remains of the knights who tried to free the princess. At least, that’s what it seems when looking at this open book on whose page you can read: “knightly delicacies”.


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After what Fiona offer cotton candy to Shrek made with a stick and cobwebs, the princess licks her fingertips. A great clue to her true ogre nature.

Don’t touch the dragons!

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At the end of Shrekwhen the dragoness arrives to free Fiona of lord farquaad, this destroys a stained glass window with the image of the tyrant. However, only a part remains where a fellow dragon can be seen.

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‘Shrek’: 10 hidden details in the animated film

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