Small animation festival: in Altan the medal of the city of San Vito – Friulisera

Great participation in the first day of the 15th edition of the Piccolo Animation Festival, the review dedicated to illustration and author animation organized by the Viva Comix Association. Great show by the Rulli Frulli, an Emilian band that grew up in difficult circumstances such as those of the earthquake that struck Emilia Romagna in 2012 and made up of about seventy boys between eight and thirty years old, who played in the streets of city ​​up to the Auditorium, where, after the animated screenings, Altan was awarded the medal of the city of San Vito, a career award. San Vito al Tagliamento is in fact the historical seat of the Altan family, home of Antonio Altan, Bishop of Urbino, Canon of Aquileia at the time of the Patriarchate, as well as ancestor of the great illustrator and of his father Carlo, a well-known anthropologist.

The mayor Andrea Bernava, the councilor for vitality Andrea Bruscia and the councilor Giulia Napoli personally deliver the homage. Presenting the evening and the festival were the artistic director Paola Bristot and Roberto Paganelli, also author of the animations projected during the concert with Michele Bernardi and Beatrice Pucci. The concert was exciting, garnered the applause of the audience in the hall, as did the vision of the episodes of Pimpa who confirmed herself as one of the most popular characters in Italian animation cinema. Thanks from the Piccolo Animation Festival went to all the participants, operators and institutions who contributed to a special evening, but above all to the Banda Rulli Frulli and to the great maestro Altan!

1668351127 852 Small animation festival in Altan the medal of the cityOn Monday 14 November the festival moves to Udine at the Visionario from 8.30 pm with the program of Competition I (tickets available at the Visionario). The titles of this first section include “My Father’s Damn Camera!” by Miloš Tomić (Slovenia, 2021), “Miracasas” by Raphaëlle Stolz (Switzerland, 2022), “Dog-Apartment” by Priit Tender (Estonia, 2022), “Salvation Has No Name” by Joseph Wallace (Czech Republic, 2022) , “Trace” by Asparuh Petrov (Bulgaria, 2022), “The Record”, by Jonathan Laskar (Switzerland, 2022), “The House Of Loss”, by Jeon Jinkyu (South Korea, Japan, 2022). This program will be repeated in San Vito al Tagliamento on November 17 from 9 pm (ticket office in the Auditorium and on Viva ticket for online reservations).

In Trieste, however, the screenings will always be held on Monday 14, at the Ariston Cinema from 9 pm, where it will be possible to see the films of Competition II.

The films that are part of this second program of the competition are Letter To A Pig by Tal Kantor (France and Israel, 2022), The Queen Of The Foxes by Marina Rosset (Switzerland, 2022), As A Noi by Simone Massi (Italy , 2022), Good Night Mr. Ted, by Nicolás Sole Allignani (Spain, 2021), Fall Of The Ibis King by Josh O’Caoimh and Mikai Geronimo (Ireland, 2021), Ice Merchants, by Gonzalez (Portugal, 2022) and Curious, by Tessa Moult-Milewska (GB, 2022). There will be the author Romeo Toffanetti who will tell his animated series dedicated to the little dogs “Shiver & Kowalski” and Adriano Vessichelli, author residing in Trieste who presents his film “Dell’attesa” in the Visual & Music section and who participates in the making of the EST film that will have its preview on 15 November in Staranzano.

Among the sections of the festival, Green Animation also stands out, created thanks to the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia through the tender for the restart in the context of AESON – La voce dei Fiumi, a multi-artistic production project developed starting from the Foce dell ‘Nature Reserve. Isonzo, on the “Ripartenza” project of the FVG Region – Department of Culture, proposed by the Ecopark ODV Association together with VivaComix, Gruppo Area di Ricerca (Dobialab), Hybrida, La Tempesta and Cantiere dei Desideri, also scheduled for Tuesday 15 November in the Library of Staranzano, in the Sala Delbianco, at 9 pm.

The section will see the projection of ecological themed animations and attention and focus on the man-environment relationship and will be presented by the creator of Aeson, the musician and social experimenter Devid Strussiat, an appointment that is repeated on November 19 at the Auditorium of San Vito al Tagliamento from 2.30 pm (free admission).

Nine titles are scheduled: How To Survive The Heatwave And Stay Human by Ronni Shalev and Alon Sharabi (Israel, 2021), Poor Antonio by Mariana Ferreira (Spain, 2021), Oh So Convenient by Red and Hung Huei Jen (Taiwan, Estonia) , 2022), Garrano, by David Doutel and Vasco Sá (Portugal, Lithuania, 2022, Airborne by Andrzej Jobczyk (Poland, 2021), The Pioneers by Simon Cottee (Canada, 2021), Kraft Paper by Ida Lepparu (Estonia, 2021) , Clair de lune by Fabio Bozzetto, son of the well-known Bruno, and Diego Zucchi (Italy, 2022), Hidden Life by Kadi Sink, Silver Strazdins and Sigrit Villido (Estonia, 2022).

Following will be the screening of the Dobialab production (Francesco Scarel coordinator) and Piccolo Animation Festival: EST (Trieste Sexual Education), conceived and directed by Manuel “Gerry” Gereon and directed together with Marco Fregonese and Sybil Calligaris (Videomaking by Sybil Calligaris and Animation & Motion Graphics by Adriano Vessichelli from Trieste), created on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of PPPasolini. Microphone in hand the creators of this concept went among the young people of Trieste, asking them the most varied questions regarding the sphere of sexuality and affectivity, tracing those that were the themes of “Comizi d’Amore”, declining them to the context contemporary social. This is the return of a first fragment of interviews carried out around Trieste regarding sexual education: how do today’s young people approach sexuality?

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Small animation festival: in Altan the medal of the city of San Vito – Friulisera

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