So you can create your own animated wallpaper on Android and iPhone

There are many reasons why a person wants to wear wallpapers animated: they are very cool, they look great, they are different, etc. It is true that it consumes a lot of battery, but the advantages are clear: they are more impressive than a normal photo. either in Android or in a iphone latest model.

Android does not have a native way to turn a video into an animated wallpaper. The same goes for Apple, who removed this option years ago in the iphone. For this you will have to find a third-party application in the Google Play Store that takes care of the job.

There are many in the Play Store. Carry out a simple search and you will be able to verify that there are several dozen of them and all are free or paid. You can choose the one you want, but we like Video Live Wallpaper Maker.

The application is very expensive if you pay for its option of premium functions that is worth 20 euros per month. Of course, the free version allows you to easily create live wallpapers from videos. You just have to put up with a bunch of ads every time you use it.

How to create an animated wallpaper on Android

  • 1st Go to the Google Play Store and download Video Live Wallpaper Maker.
  • 2nd Open the app.
  • 3rd The main page will show you a gallery of videos from your device. Choose the video you want to use (you may have recorded it before, for example your cat sleeping).
  • 4th A couple of options will appear. You can choose if you want to turn on the audio and scale to fit the screen. Choose what you prefer.
  • 5th Once it is ready, tap on Set as Android launcher wallpaper.
  • 6th Click on Set wallpaper.
  • 7th Select if you want to put it on the home screen, or on the home screen and lock screen.
  • 8th Clever!

With this we would already have the animated background that we want on our Android smartphone. Your task is to make a good video of something you like and that’s it. Here there is no cheating or cardboard.

As we have mentioned, you can use a video that you already had and that you really liked or create a new video for this task. If you have the cat nearby, you know, it’s time.

How to create an animated wallpaper on iPhone

Apple iPhone 14 Plus, analysis and opinion

Apple removed the animated wallpapers feature with iOS 16. So if you have the previous software from the apple company you are in luck, but there are very few of you. This first tutorial is for them.

As we said, if you still have an older version of iOS, making your own animated wallpaper is relatively easy. To get started, those with iOS 15 backwards can use any Live Photo as their live wallpaper.

  • 1st Open the Settings app.
  • 2nd Enter Wallpaper.
  • 3rd Select Choose a new wallpaper.
  • 4th Tap Live Photos.
  • 5th Choose a photo and make sure.
  • 6th Select Set.
  • 7th Choose to Set Lock Screen, Set Home Screen, or Set Both.
  • 8th It is done.

If you’re on iOS 16 and want to turn your videos into wallpapers, there are options in the form of a third-party app, just like we did earlier in the Android option.

The Apple App Store is full of them., but we are going to recommend you intoLive. Again, it’s quite an expensive app if you subscribe, but you can use it for free on a par, but it’s fine for us for this task.

  • 1st Go to the Apple App Store and download intoLive. Then launch it.
  • 2nd Select New Project.
  • 3rd Find the content you want to use.
  • 4th Click on Add.
  • 5th Now you can make all kinds of edits. Among them, crop, add more content, make exposure and color changes, etc.
  • 6th When you’re done editing, tap the Share button in the top right corner.
  • 7th Under File Type, select Live Photo.
  • 8th Choose your preferences for resolution and FPS.
  • 9th Tap Save to Photos.

With this we finish the guide / tutorial on how to put and create animated wallpapers on your phone, regardless of whether they are an Android or an iPhone. You only need to choose the video well, the rest is up to the apps.

We would like to say thanks to the author of this short article for this incredible material

So you can create your own animated wallpaper on Android and iPhone

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