Social media: what are the best GIF sites?

Whether it’s for posting on social media, to brighten up your internal communications or to spice up your newsletter, a GIF is a simple (and free!) way to grab your audience’s attention.

Here’s where to find GIFs to brighten up your content and what best practices to adopt in a B2B marketing context.

“GIFs are not serious.”

Even though B2B marketing communications are considered to be more serious and niche, that doesn’t mean a touch of humor is out of place! For a successful use of these animated images, everything is a question of context and consistency with your brand image.

On social media, GIFs have more than one use:

  • Catch the eye of your prospects – solicited by a tidal wave of content on the web – because of their animated format
  • Add a touch of humor to your content to make it more captivating
  • Give your brand a human tonean important first step in building a relationship with a client or in attracting talent
  • Participate in effectively transmitting your corporate culture
  • Highlight your offer with a thoughtful reaction GIF – or even a GIF created by yourself, for example showing a before/after using your product or service
  • Showing the colors of your personality, one of pillars of your company and employer brand.

The watchword: tie your content – ​​texts, images, GIFs, videos – to the tone and your brand image. For the rest, be creative or creative!

Quickly translating impressions and ideas into a virtual setting, a GIF contributes to effective and engaging communication. For example, on social networks, fueling interactions by commenting on a GIF is often ideal for most companies. A good way toincrease the reach of your posts!

Where to find GIFs to match your social media strategy

Here is our selection of the best GIF sites.

1. Giphy

One of the most used GIF search engines, Giphy allows you to navigate by theme or by searching for the name of a creator.

The site facilitates the sharing of GIFs – in particular via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by using an Embed code (in HTML language). It also offers the possibility of creating and importing your own animated images to feed the database or to facilitate sharing.

2. Reaction GIFs

On the site of Reaction GIFs, there are three types of navigation. On the newsfeed, searching in a library of tags or with the two scrolling menus: I am feeling… (I feel…) or My answer is… (My answer is…). The site simplifies the selection process for you!

3. Tenor

Acquired by Google in 2018, Tenor is one of the greats in the world of animated images. The GIFs there can be shared on Facebook and Twitter, among others, or by means of an Embed code.

The platform is also offered in a mobile application – the GIF Keyboard – which integrates with the telephone keyboard. It even allows you to modify the image before it is sent: a plus for personalization!

4. Gfycat

With Gfycat, you can find the best GIFs by means of the search bar, the trending or popular section, as well as exploring the different categories. This platform offers GIFs with their original soundtrack and it also offers the possibility of speeding up or slowing down the speed of the GIF to better adjust it to your needs.

Other pluses: the platform offers navigation in French and an application to create your own GIFs!


On gifbin, the proposed animations can also be speeded up or slowed down as needed, and shared using a URL or an Embed code. You can browse GIFs by means of “Newest”, “Most Popular” or “Top Rated” categories. To be surprised, try random generation!

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Collect the best GIFs… or create the ones that suit your needs!

If ready-made reactions or tidbits of popular culture aren’t the fit for your brand, remember that a GIF can take the form of any short-lived animation.

The possibilities of using this format also go beyond social networks. You could make a custom assembly according to your needs. For instance:

If you need a helping hand to define the personality of your organization or find your way among the latest web trends, our team is here for you.

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Social media: what are the best GIF sites?

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